Thank You, Parents


Justina (Yijia) Liu, Staff Writer

Parents are always a prominent part of the family. They do everything for their children, who do not have the ability to survive in the world without them. Without parents, children, who do not know how to cook, would die of hunger. Without parents, children, who are ignorant about the world, would pass away from accidents. Without parents, children would not live a single day. 

Parents are so loving of their children that they are willing to take time away from their lives for their children. I am incredibly thankful for my parents. They love me more than anyone in the world. They are willing to wake up early to cook for me, send me to school, buy materials for me, and do the many other wonderful things that they do. 

My parents spent 16 years of their lives taking care of me. Even though they are very strict about my education, they do not pressure me into doing things that I hate. Encouraging words flow around me day and night. I am never afraid of embarrassing myself because I know that my parents will always be supporting my back. 

There is nothing that I am afraid of. My parents always stood up and protected me when needed. When being treated unfairly or bullied in school, I was never afraid to tell my parents, for they never blamed me and shielded me. 

My parents are my strength and continue to uphold me at every stage of my life. It is hard to imagine a life without them. My parents are the guiding light in the dark, leading me to the right path whenever I get lost. My parents are a great gift to people who have them in their life. They are always very loving and care for me all the time. Even a small bruise can take them hours to comfort me on how I felt, what happened, and how it should be taken care of. 

I feel loved and adored whenever I am with my parents. Life is always easy around them because I know that they are the harbor when the storm comes. My parents work hard to provide me with proper education and everything I need. I want to thank them for everything they have done for me and repay them in the best way possible.