Brief: Pep Squad Haunted House

Breeanna Pham, Staff Writer

Behind the school gates, Arcadia High School (AHS) students and members of the public eagerly anticipated the opening of the 13th annual Haunted House held by Pep Squad. 

The Haunted House, hosted by Pep Squad, took place from Oct. 21 to Oct. 22. Decorations throughout the Haunted House were derived from various scary shows and movies including It, Purge, Stranger Things, and Black Phone. Given the spooky movies used for inspiration, both students and the public alike were in for a fun, sinister night. 

However, the Haunted House couldn’t have been made possible without the participation of many AHS students. To audition for different roles in the Haunted House, football players and volunteers went through a vigorous two-week “training” period of attending meetings, trying out, and waiting to be accepted for certain roles. 

Making the set and decorating the school was one of the most strenuous parts for Pep Squad. Planning and decorating the school every day during sixth period, they worked all the way until 5 p.m. However, with assistance from parents, they were able to get the Haunted House ready for the public on time and enjoy the rest of the amazing night. 

When asking Pep Squad member junior Rachael Morales on the motivation for working so hard on the Haunted House, she stated, “The reason why Pep Squad works so hard for the Haunted House is because the profit that we make allows us to only have one fundraiser for the whole year.”

And as a result, many of those who attended ended up having a great scare and a lot of fun! As senior Juliana Sandavol stated, “The haunted house [was] pretty cool. The costumes, makeup, and set up was amazing. Overall it was a fun experience with my friends.” 

To conclude, with the determination of Pep Squad, as well as both the Varsity and JV Football team and gracious volunteers, it resulted in a spectacularly spooky night with a great turnout. 


Photo courtesy of AHS Pep Squad