New Teacher Feature: Mr. Jason Garabedian


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Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

This school year has been off to a great start, and part of it is thanks to the hardworking staff at Arcadia High School (AHS). Several teachers are new to the school, and we welcome Mr. Jason Garabedian!

Mr. Garabedian joins the math department to teach the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses. He decided to start teaching at AHS partly because he lives nearby, and also because he appreciates the beautiful environment of the campus. He also recollects AHS’ admirable basketball and football teams from the times he played against them as a student at Pasadena High School. 

Mr. Garabedian’s favorite subjects are math and history, and he explains how “if [he] wasn’t a math teacher [he’d] probably teach history.” 

He decided to become a teacher after realizing how much he enjoyed teaching and explaining things to people. Moreover, he delighted in the feeling of helping his friends, and he also took inspiration from a high school teacher he once had, who had a unique teaching style. This teacher “inspired [him] to get a passion for teaching and pursue a career in that, and part of that is that [he] loves math and he gets to teach his favorite subject.”

When asked about the advice he would give to students to be successful in school, Mr. Garabedian advises everyone to “try your best. All you can do is give all your effort, and at the end of the day that’s what matters the most. And as long as you’re learning and you’re enjoying the process while you’re challenging yourself to become better, that’s what will matter.” As someone who has recently completed his education and can relate to others’ struggles, his advice is admirable.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Garabedian is a musician, and he loves playing the bass guitar, which he has been playing for over 12 years. He also loves to go on hikes and go to coffee shops. His favorite TV shows are Stranger Things and The Office, and in The Office, his “all time favorite character is Michael Scott, probably of the many shows [he’s] watched.”

Mr. Garabedian relishes the feeling of being in a relaxed environment and strives to provide his students a place with no pressure which “helps students learn in an environment where they can learn and succeed together.” 

We hope Mr. Garabedian has a great first year at AHS and the years to come!


Photo courtesy of Mr. Garabedian