Upcoming Fall String Concert Featuring All AUSD Orchestras

Linda Zhang, Staff Writer

The Fall String Concert is an annual event that takes place in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Oct. 14 at 7 pm. The concert presents the orchestras from Dana Middle School, Foothills Middle School, and First Avenue Middle School, as well as the four orchestras of Arcadia High School (AHS).  Make sure to pre-purchase tickets for $5 at the orchestra office (P103), or any orchestra student. 

The students have worked very hard since the beginning of the school year in preparation for the concert, which is an enriching experience for young musicians. As for many, it is their first time performing in an auditorium that can seat 1,163 people. 

“It is very inspirational to my middle school strings to hear the players from AHS’ orchestras playing so professionally and beautifully. It hopefully inspires the students to stick with music when they go to high school.  It certainly has that effect on parents who realize just how amazing the AHS string program is,” said Mr. Karl Morton, the musical director of FMS. 

On the day of the concert, students arrive at the PAC in their concert attire. Foothills Middle School’s uniform is characterized by its green vests and Dana Middle School’s uniform is symbolic for its red ties and dresses; both First Avenue Middle School and AHS have black and white uniforms. During the concert, while the previous group is packing up, the next group rehearses for the final time before stepping onto the stage. The concert alternates between one middle school orchestra and one AHS orchestra, with the Symphony Orchestra concluding the concert. 

The performance of each orchestral group usually starts with tuning, with notes given to the orchestra by the Concertmaster. Then, the conductor is applauded onto the stage. Raising the baton, the musician’s eyes are glued onto it as they settle in their playing position. Taking in a deep breath, the bows of the musicians start moving, filling the auditorium with rich and colorful sounds. 

Each orchestral group performs three pieces in different styles, such as baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary. As the conductor puts down his or her baton, the audience applauds and the curtain closes. 

“From the fall concert, we can have a memorable experience not only playing music with our friends, but also growing musically as a group. During this process, we can furthermore appreciate and enjoy the music we have played,” said  AHS freshman Nathaniel Lim.

“I believe the Fall String Concert is an enriching experience because it gives students the opportunity to showcase their progress as musicians and still have a safe and supportive environment to do so,” stated AHS freshman Cathleen Lu. 

Not only is the concert an opportunity for orchestra students to demonstrate the product of their hard work, it is also a chance for them to gain valuable performance experiences. The concert provides motivation for students to drill their musical techniques, as well as forcing them to deal with stress and errors, which are important life skills. In other words, students will truly appreciate music when they see the effect that it can create on other people, such as the audience.


Photo Courtesy of Amanda Chang