ASB Presents Hoco Spirit Week


Kathy Wong, Staff Writer

Homecoming was on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 7-11 p.m. at Skirball Cultural Center last week. In celebration of Homecoming, ASB hosted Hoco Spirit Week to get students in the mood for Hoco and to share their outfits on social media.

Monday was Minion Monday, where students dressed “despicably” and wore yellow and blue clothing. Not only did students dress as minions, but they also dressed as other characters as well, including Scarlet Overkill, the evil minions, and even as bananas! During lunch, students were able to watch or participate in a blindfolded banana grab game, where blindfolded students attempted to grab bananas.

Tuesday was Type Tuesday, where students dressed like their ideal type and were able to get hilariously creative with their outfits by dressing as the opposite gender. During lunch, students could watch or participate in a couple’s ramen eating competition, where students were divided into pairs and competed to be the first to finish their bowl of ramen noodles.

Wednesday was Dynamic Duo Wednesday, where students paired up as duos or trios with their friends. For lunch, students could watch or participate in guessing pair charades, where they acted out or guessed the word based on their acting.

Thursday was Adam Sandler Thursday, where students wore basketball shorts and baggy t-shirts to imitate the actor Adam Sandler. For lunch, students got to play some Adam Sandler basketball.

Friday was Spirit Friday, where students showed off their Arcadia High School pride and their Arcadia High School merch. For lunch, students could use face paint, glitter, and star crowns to have a little fun and decorate themselves with school colors in preparation for the Homecoming football game after school.

All in all, spirit week was a good opportunity for students to get creative and look forward to Homecoming! Thank you all students for participating and looking forward to Homecoming next year!


Graphic courtesy of AHS ASB