ASB Hosts 2022 Homecoming Assembly

Michelle Ho, Staff Writer

The buzz of chatter and cheer filled the North Gym on Sept. 30, where the 2022 Homecoming Assembly took place. Following ASB’s Spirit Week, which allowed students to participate and display their school spirit, the assembly brought together all of Arcadia High School (AHS) students. After a thrilling performance by Band, Athletics Commissioner Jocelyn Wang introduced the Fall Varsity sports teams, beginning the ceremony.

Coed Varsity Cross Country, Coed Varsity Water Polo, Girls Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Volleyball, and the Varsity Football team made their entrance, respectively. The crowds applauded as each team chanted their cheer, showing their bright school spirit.

“It was so much fun going out there laughing and cheering with my tennis teammates,” said sophomore Annika Chan, a member of the Girls Varsity Tennis team. The teammates had clearly created unique bonds and relationships, demonstrated by the excitement and fervor each sport demonstrated during their chant.

Next in the assembly was the Homecoming Royalty Reveal. The Freshman Prince and Princess were announced first. The crowd cheered enthusiastically for Jason Xu and Kaeden de Leon as they crossed the North Gym floor together. Sophomore Prince and Princess Rinjul Garg and Ashley Savage were nominated, crossing the stage as more cheers rang through the gym. Junior and Senior Princesses Madeline Lim and Sydnee Yee made their entrance together, crossing the floor with elegance and poise. Next up, Senior Prince and Princess Nathan Liu and Claire Zhang linked arms and walked across the gym floor. Finally, the Homecoming King and Queen were introduced with a drumroll, presenting Tyler Yu and Elizabeth (Ella) Savage as the final pair. 

The princes and princesses participated in a Game of Thrones, similar to musical chairs. The pairs spun in a circle with their eyes closed, and when the music stopped playing, they rushed to find the thrones that were placed all over the gym. The game lasted several minutes, ending with the freshmen winning by audience vote after a close battle for the final throne.

After the games, Orchesis performed a breathtaking and elaborate dance for the audience, dancing to the song “Bailar” by Elvis Crespo. Then, audience members were called down to participate in a game of Red Light Green Light, with a twist. One partner pushed the other in a rolling chair, and the first to reach the finish line won the game.

Pep Squad and Seniors of Merit at Work performed after the games, ending all the performances on a high and cheery note. Audience members were mesmerized by the amazing dances and coordination each organization displayed.

“I loved getting premium seating…the performers were facing toward my side,” freshman Grace Gumarang said. “The songs were spectacular and the members genuinely looked like they were having fun.”

Freshman Ellie Wu added that “the Orchesis dance [was her favorite] because they were super organized.”

When the highlights of the assembly were over, the ceremony drew to a close by reciting the Alma Mater, with Pep Band playing the tune. The audience stood up and sang pridefully, ending the ceremony with high spirits. The 2022 Homecoming Assembly was a great success in bringing the school together and lifting the spirits of the students who are proud to go to AHS. Go Apaches!


Photos by Katrina Reghitto