New Assistant Principal Feature: Ms. DuBerke


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Amish Jha, Staff Writer

Arcadia Unified School District has been hiring at a very high rate after resuming in-person school last year, and as of this year, we have a brand new assistant principal! Ms. Karen DuBerke, who previously taught Spanish at Arcadia High School (AHS), is now an assistant principal, with a focus on discipline and student safety. 

I taught high school for 19 years and have had a variety of teacher leadership positions. These experiences made me want to become more involved in how students are served throughout our entire school community,” said Ms. DuBerke. “School administrators wear many different hats and have many different responsibilities, and I am interested in learning more and gaining experience in all areas of school leadership. I am happy to serve in a capacity where my skills are needed.” 

Ms. DuBerke also shares the process she underwent as a teacher to become an administrator for the school. “Becoming an assistant principal requires teaching and school leadership experience,” said Ms. DuBerke. “As part of the hiring process, I submitted an application and was invited to interview with a panel of current administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and students. Following that interview I was invited for a second interview with Dr. Dillman and Dr. Forsee at the district office.” 

 But after teaching Spanish for almost 20 years, it may be a bittersweet feeling to not be around it everyday, but Ms. DuBerke says, “I don’t miss Spanish because I continue to use it with students, parents and other staff members. Speaking Spanish is a great asset. And, yes, that’s a plug for all of our students to learn a second language. It will open many doors,” 

Finally, what is Ms. DuBerke’s favorite part of being an assistant principal? “My favorite part of being an assistant principal so far is having a new challenge every day,” stated Ms. DuBerke. “I’m meeting many new people – students, parents, and staff – and gaining a better understanding of what Arcadia High School means to each of them. It is an honor to get to serve our school community, and I am happy to get to do that in whatever way my skills match student and school needs.” 

We are so happy to have Ms. Duberke in A-Building. These reasons and goals behind her new job are so exciting! We hope she has fun and we cannot wait to see her around the halls—be sure to say hi when you see her!

Photo by Amish Jha