Arcadia Girls/Boys Varsity Cross Country trip to San Francisco

Kathy Wong, Staff Writer

The Arcadia Girls and Boys Cross Country teams had their top 10 runners on both teams compete from Friday, Sept. 9 to Sunday, Sept. 11 in San Francisco, at the Lowell Invitational. The runners looked forward to this trip as they were thoroughly prepared and ready to run.

This three-day trip started out with the Girls team leaving at 5 a.m. and the Boys team leaving at 9 a.m. on Friday morning. The boys team ran for a bit and warmed up a bit before leaving for San Francisco. 

On Saturday, both teams raced the Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park, with the race being a 2.78-mile distance running course. The course included many downhills with occasional uphills, but it was mostly flat. The weather was perfect, and the runners had an advantage as the cool air and the slight breeze made it an ideal environment for running fast. 

Hsieh provided her thoughts and input when asked about the race. “I think I was pretty prepared for my race this week because I had my first race last week and [compared] to that, I felt more comfortable this week racing-wise,” stated Sophomore Reena Hsieh.

“This trip definitely helped me bond with my teammates more, not just with the girls but also the guys as well. Since we don’t normally bond with them, it’s hard to bond with the guys’ team so this trip definitely helped us get to know each other better,” said Hsieh.

When asked if she expected the final results of the race, Senior Starr Morales admitted the statement. “No, I actually wasn’t expecting them because the course wasn’t 3 miles so I got one minute faster than my regular 3-mile time,” commented Morales.

Reflecting on whether or not she was well prepared for the race, Starr shared her answer. “Yeah, I do think I was because my coach had us do workouts and during practice, he prepared us for it,” mentioned Morales.

The course had one big loop around specific areas of the park, and the environment was surrounded by concrete, grass, and dirt. 

The Varsity Girls team placed 6th out of 24 teams, and the JV Girls team placed 5th out of 15 teams. The Varsity Boys team placed 10th out of 34 teams, and the JV Boys team placed 3rd out of 19 teams. There may have been teams from all over the state in the race, but the AHS Cross Country teams proved that no one could stop them, and placed top 10 in all their races. With the continuous effort and hard work put into each practice from both cross-country teams, it looks like their hard work paid off! 

After a long day of races, both teams went back to the hotel to rest and got ready to sightsee at the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only was it a great bonding event for the teams, but it was also a good opportunity to get a closer look at it and admire the view.

The Arcadia Girls and Boys Varsity teams then went to Fisherman’s Wharf, where they ate dinner at Boudin, and the majority of the runners ate clam chowder. After a fulfilling and delicious dinner, both teams decided to do some late-night bowling and then headed back home on Sunday morning. 

Overall, the cross-country race at San Francisco was a success for the Girls and Boys varsity teams, and a good opportunity to rest and relax from school! Congratulations to the Varsity and JV Girls and Boys on their amazing races!

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Li