Frosh/Soph Volleyball Tournament at Crescenta Valley 9/10


Michelle Ho, Staff Writer

Arcadia’s Girls Frosh/Soph Volleyball team competed in a tournament held at Crescenta Valley High School on Sept. 10, and managed to reach semifinals!

In their first match, the team had a rocky start to the first set against El Camino High School (ECRHS), beginning with a score of 0-6 in favor of the opposing team. However, our team wasn’t deterred and worked even harder to catch up. After an uphill battle, the girls evened out the score at 16-16, where ECRHS made an unforced error: hitting the ball out and putting Arcadia in the lead at 17-16. Encouraged by the lead in scores, the Arcadia team enthusiastically cheered each other on. 

“We had to overcome not really knowing each other at first,” reflected freshman Minna Tan, a setter for Arcadia’s Girls Volleyball team. “But we had an awesome team bonding, and now we’ve got chemistry!” 

The teammates high-fived and praised each other’s play, creating a united and well-coordinated front against the opposing team.

The rest of the first set remained closely tied, and the game reached deuce at 24-24. The Arcadia girls turned up the heat and won 26-24 with a spectacular service ace. The girls cheered and hugged each other, celebrating their hard-earned victory in the first set. Coach Joseph Rios reminded the girls of their strategies and congratulated them. The team had a couple minutes to rest before the second set began.

Fueled with adrenaline and excitement, the Apaches turned the tables on ECRHS, kicking off the set with an amazing start of 6-0. From then on, there was no stopping the team as they continued to produce several well-coordinated spikes and another service ace. The girls reached match point at 24-6, and won the whole match at 25-8.

“In the first set, we were losing at the beginning and ended the game with a close win,” admitted freshman Serena Guo, a setter for the team. 

“But in the second set, we started off strong and gained momentum which I think was really important in order to keep control of the set. We managed to bring back our energy and keep it throughout the entire game.”

The team went outside to take a break, where they had a few snacks and drinks to refuel their energy for the long day of games ahead. With at least 2 more games ahead of them, the girls were determined to keep up the spirit and made sure that their nerves didn’t get to their head; in any sport, mental strength is equally as important as physical.

“It’s my first tournament so I think that sets it apart from others to come. I think it’s different from normal school matches because now we’re competing for a title rather than competing just for the win,” said Sofia Perez, the defense specialist on the team. 

With the prize of winning in mind, the Arcadia team worked hard in the next few matches, winning 2-0 against Orange Vista High School, and 2-0 against La Cañada High School. In the semi-finals, a single set is played to determine the winner. Despite their best efforts, the Arcadia Volleyball team was defeated in the semi-finals 20-25 by Chaminade High School.

Even with a loss in the semi finals, the Arcadia Girls’ Volleyball team still played incredibly well and should be proud of themselves, as reaching the semi-finals in this tournament is not easy work.

Varsity head coach Stephen Bernabe reflected on the team’s performance, saying, “I think the team did really well…and [now] they need to work on their serve and receive.”

This team of freshmen and sophomores show incredible potential and skill early on in their career, and will no doubt be winning many tournaments to come. Amazing job girls for reaching the semi finals, and good luck in the future!