Brief: 2022 Homecoming Theme Announced


Breeanna Pham, Staff Writer

Homecoming is just around the corner! Along with that comes the question, “What’s this year’s theme?” Well, this year’s homecoming theme is… Everlasting

While coming up with this year’s theme, ASB Council constructed various great ideas, from Through the Looking Glass to Painting the Path, but ultimately, they landed on the theme Everlasting. Throughout the process, ASB discussed potential ideas to find the best fit for the venue. Homecoming this year is being held at the Skirball Cultural Center located in Los Angeles, California. This location has a breathtaking view of a pond surrounding a platform, with lily pads floating above the surface, which inspired the amazing theme created by ASB. 

The theme Everlasting was also inspired by the Impressionist Art Movement of the 1800s, during which there was a radical rebellion in France against the “traditional” ways of life. At the time, ways of life could be characterized as rigid due to the strict mannerisms one had to withhold. However, Impressionist art completely opposed what was learned throughout society, which was shown through the inclusion of vibrant colors, the Impressionist arts’ unrefined nature (almost giving the art an “unfinished” look), and the loose yet visible brushstrokes. These characteristics represented the desire to be freed of the rigid societal norms that they were born into and had no choice but to live by. Nonetheless, the art style at the time gave artists the freedom to express the wrongs of society and what couldn’t be shown. 

As best said by Christina Xu, ASB Senior President, “Everlasting encourages students to create memories this year that will last a lifetime. Impressionist art was characterized by its freedom and subjective interpretation. We want students to live life according to no one’s standards—to live life the way they see fit.”


Photo courtesy of ASB