Information for Arcadia’s General Municipal Election


Juliette Fang, Staff Writer

In Arcadia, every even-numbered year means general municipal election time. These elections are used to vote on many aspects of city government, including new taxes, laws, and city council members. On Aug. 23, the information for this year’s election was posted on the City of Arcadia website

This year, general municipal elections will be held on Nov. 8, and will determine the outcome of three city measures. The first measure, Measure CA, pertains to Arcadia’s city charter, which is a list of what powers the government in Arcadia has. The city plans on adding amendments to it, which hasn’t been done since 1998. This will affect the date of elections in the future, establish a new City Prosecutor, fill vacant positions, and rotate the mayor every 9.5 months, which can be viewed on the Chart Review Committee report. All of these changes have been reviewed and approved by the Charter Review Committee, with input from the public. 

Measure CA will also elect City Council members for Districts 2, 3, and 5. The ballot for District 5 will include First Avenue Middle School’s former music director, Mr. Michael Danielson, appointed in March, 2022. Mr. D, as he is known around Arcadia, has been an active participant in AUSD for 36 years and was a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year in 2020. 

The second measure, Measure HT, plans on raising the maximum rate of Arcadia’s Transient Occupancy Tax (or the “Hotel Tax”) from 10% to 12% starting in 2023. This tax, which will be charged to hotel guests, is forecasted to bring in an approximate $730,000 every year. The third measure, Measure SW, also affects taxes. If the state of California approves sports betting, it will establish a tax on sports wagering, creatively named the “Sports Wagering Tax.” This will tax 5% on all gross revenue earned through wagering, producing an estimated $1,000,000 every year. All of these funds from both of these taxes will be used for city services, including park construction, maintenance, street repair, and public safety response. 

The current Mayor of Arcadia, Tom Beck, pointed out that, “The hotel tax would be paid mostly by visitors to Arcadia. The gambling tax would only be paid by those who gamble on sports,” in an official press release. 

So how can Arcadia’s citizens vote? First, people must register to vote on the California Voter Registration website, by Oct. 24. Then, they can vote through mail, in-person, or visit a mobile voting center, which will be announced 40 days before election day. By early October, Arcadians should receive a ballot by mail and must submit them to Voting Centers by Nov. 8, 2022. Citizens who have questions about voting can email the City Clerk at [email protected]

“We encourage all residents to be informed about these measures and to participate in the upcoming election,” stated Dominic Lazaretto, Arcadia’s City Manager, in an informational video about the ballot measures. Although many of us here at Arcadia High School are not yet old enough to vote, it is crucial that we stay informed about our government and be active participants in our community.


Photo courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM