Senior Column — Zoe Lin ’22


Zoe Lin, Sports Editor

On the last day of school, I will be turning 18, marking the beginning of an end—closing a chapter of adolescence and high school, and opening a new door to adulthood and college.

Four years ago, I remember sitting in the car on my way to my very first day of high school. How excited 14-year-old me was! I felt a flurry of emotions as we pulled up to the school—fear, thrill, anxiety, uncertainty. As I stepped out of the car and walked through the gates of AHS, I was venturing out into something new, with a multitude of trials awaiting me.

Yes, high school was different from what I expected. And yes, like every other AHS student, I spent a huge chunk of high school too focused on studying and too little on having fun. Looking back, I think my biggest regret was not putting myself out there more–I wish I reached out to more people, joined more clubs, and went to more school events. As a freshman and sophomore, I couldn’t care less about school spirit or going to things like bonding events or Homecoming. Those things were pointless to me and a waste of time.

Four years later, I now realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong. With half of sophomore year and the entirety of junior year spent at home in quarantine, I came into senior year with a completely different mindset compared to previous years. No more taking things for granted, no more of that school-first-friends-later mindset. This year, I was going to do it all—spirit week, school events, class bonding, football games, and everything in between. And I did!

It wasn’t all fun and games, obviously. I cried my way through college applications and still tried my best to maintain that 4.0 GPA, even if it meant pulling all-nighters. I was hit with several events that dealt heavy blows to my personal life. But nevertheless, I threw myself out of my comfort zone, faced both the victories and losses head-on, and braved through it all.

I can confidently say I made the most of my senior year. I made many new friends, strengthened some old friendships, and most importantly, gave myself the opportunity to let loose and find enjoyment in the little things in life.

My high school career was filled with ups and downs, and I am more than happy with the meaningful connections I have made and how I have grown these past four years. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am very excited (and a little scared!) to experience the journey of what’s to come.