Brief: Senior Week College Chalking Day

Madison Yee, News Editor

As a final goodbye to graduating seniors, ASB’s Senior Council presented Senior Week, an annual Arcadia High School (AHS) tradition, from May 23 to 27. With fun events on each day to celebrate the end of a chapter, seniors participated in a College Chalking event on May 26. In the S-Building courtyard, graduates donned their college gear and chalked the names of their future schools on the concrete. Throughout the event, seniors collaborated with one another to chalk the names and logos of their colleges to convey their pride. They also had the opportunity to mark their future schools and destinations after high school on a map. As the day came to a close, seniors took photos with their creations and left the campus with colorful art spread across the courtyard. 

In addition to the College Chalking, Senior Council held the Senior Drive-In on Monday, Rejection Letter Social on Tuesday, and Senior Sunset on Wednesday earlier in the week. Friday, as a designated Senior Activity Day, will feature more senior events, including a Senior Breakfast, Senior Talent Show, and Grad Run to allow seniors to enjoy their last few days and reminisce about memories made both in AHS and in Arcadia. As the Class of 2022 celebrates the end of their high school career at AHS, we wish them the best of luck in the years to come!


Photos courtesy of Chloe Wong