Moon Knight Review


Vritti Godani, Staff Writer

After the release of various series on Disney+, Marvel provided its fans with a way to stay connected with their favorite characters. With its latest release, Moonknight, Marvel debuted its first origin story series and dedicated a whole show to a new character. 

In terms of the plot, the show was very intriguing. Right from the beginning of the pilot, viewers are left confused with constant perspective shifts, blackouts, and interesting holes in the plot. With the two vastly varying personas of the protagonist, viewers are also left to ponder over the real identity of the main character. The plot of the show is not as boring as the other web series, such as WandaVision, and constantly finds new conflicts to keep the show going, but they are incorporated in a way that does not make the show seem forcefully elongated. 

“The plot of the show was so unique. I hadn’t seen anything like it before and I was surprised that it was so entertaining”, said Junior Dahlia Johnson. 

In terms of characters and character development, the show probably does the best when compared to other Marvel series. All of the actors portrayed their characters extremely well and the development of their characters was very well-developed and well-shown. The characters were unique and did not typically align with superhero stereotypes or tropes. The protagonist was the most interesting due to the duality of the character, and portrayed the most intense character development I have seen in a Marvel series. 

“I really liked how the characters grew and progressed as people throughout the show,” said Freshman Emily Son. 

When it comes to visuals, the show did not disappoint. Although better visuals have been seen in other Marvel productions, the visuals of this show seemed relatively realistic and something that has never been seen before. The constant blackouts and shifts in perspective were demonstrated very well through the visuals and the graphics that were used to cultivate the monsters and villains were also very well constructed. While the visuals were not unique, they were well developed.

Furthermore, the soundtrack of the show was very fitting. The music never seemed out of place or abrupt and always matched the scene of the show, whether it be an emotional self-discovery scene or a action-packed fight scene. The soundtrack surprised me as it was better than other web series because it didn’t sound out of place and it was the best way to compliment the show. 

Overall, the show was probably the best Marvel series I have ever seen. With developed characters and a well-cultivated plot, the show varied from other Marvel shows in the sense that it was genuinely interesting, and it is a definite must-watch for everyone. 


Photo Courtesy of UNSPLASH