Why Single-Sex Schools can be Beneficial


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

A lot of people believe that single-sex schools are beneficial for a few reasons: fewer distractions, improved student achievement, and a tailored curriculum. These are very good reasons as to why they are better than co-ed schools. But it is more than just limited distractions. In fact, the way men and women function in school is so different from each other that separating them can benefit both sexes.  

In my opinion, teenage girls and guys have a tendency to want to impress one another. This can get in the way of paying attention in class, and it can consume valuable time outside of school. Most students are naturally competitive, but this can be detrimental if the objective is the attention of the opposite sex. For example, it can cause a fixation on appearances and lack of self-esteem. So why not eliminate this stress and need to impress? 

To back up my statement supporting single schools, ThoughtCo said, “When students are among peers that are physically similar to them, they do not feel as if they have to prove something about their biological sex.” 

Obviously there are exceptions, including people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community or naturally competitive people for whom the need to impress or outshine other members of their own sex remains unabated even in a single-sex school. However, for most teenagers single-sex schools can be less stressful and less competitive. 

Personally, I think that if I was at an all-girls school, I would not only be a lot less stressed, but also I would be more confident. I have noticed that the boys in my classes tend to raise their hands more than the girls. When I researched this, I found out that men are more likely to raise their hands even if they don’t know the answer because of their competitive nature. Girls, on the other hand, will typically only raise their hand when they know the answer, and they are confident that it is correct. 

“Studies have shown that men are more likely than women to project confidence when they’re uncertain, and that women are particularly hesitant,” stated HuffPost. 

Girls tend to be intimidated by overly-confident, loud, and assertive boys. During school, I tend to be more shy when raising my hand as I am fearful of saying the wrong answer. If I weren’t in the presence of boys who are more confident than I, I would be more inclined to raise my hand and step up to leadership roles. This is because there would be less competition between me and them. 

In addition, compared to co-ed schools, those in single-sex schools perform better, and there are statistics to back this up. Our Kids the Trusted Source explained that girls in single-sex schools performed better on the SATs compared to girls who attend co-ed schools. 

In conclusion, single-sex schools have many benefits, and in some personal cases, they are better than co-ed schools. They offer a more relaxed environment because students will feel more comfortable with their peers and perform better, and there is less competition for the attention of the opposite sex. Single-sex schools should not be overlooked when determining what school a person should attend.