Brief: The Academic Decathlon Team at the 2022 Los Angeles County Competition

Madison Yee, News Editor

The 4-person competition group from the Academic Decathlon team ended their 2022 season at the Los Angeles County competition, finishing with 23 medals. Two members scored in the top three in the division, and another decathlete received a perfect score for speech. 

Junior Stephanie Wang was the top-scoring division 3 decathlete for a consecutive second year and received a $250 scholarship by the California Credit Union. Stephanie earned gold medals in art, economics, and social science; silver medals in essay and literature; and bronze medals in math and science.

Additionally, sophomore Sophia Li achieved 3rd place overall, earning a $250 scholarship as well. She received gold medals in music and essay; silver medals in art and interview; and bronze medals in speech and science. 

Freshman Max Ma received a perfect score for speech, which consists of a prepared speech and an impromptu speech. He was invited to present his prepared speech at the awards banquet. In addition to receiving gold for speech, he also received gold medals in interview and essay; and bronze medals in math, music, literature, and science. 

Lastly, congratulations are in order for sophomore Veronica Meyers who was given a bronze medal in economics. 

All in all, the Academic Decathlon team’s hard work paid off, and we look forward to seeing them compete again next year!