The Sunrise Movement


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

Dedicated to shaping and changing the U.S. government for the better, the Sunrise Movement has voiced its concerns about our current climate crisis and has openly backed the Green New Deal. Some of their campaigns include Reclaim Summer, Generation on Fire, and Good Jobs for All.

Reclaim Summer strives to uncover the truth about oppression in low-income communities. The Sunrise Movement has recognized the deep-rooted racism found in low-income communities of color. They are aware of the current homelessness crisis and aim to create a Green New Deal for Public Housing

Generation on Fire is composed of many smaller campaigns. They range from speaking out about racism to urging people to take action against our climate crisis. 

The paths and stories are different, but the heart of each march beats the same,” stated Sunrise Movement.

Good Jobs for All aims to push our government for more jobs for people across our country. These jobs should be sustainable and teach people how to be environmentally conscious. Some of these jobs include helping to build an energy grid, assisting older individuals, teaching young children, and rebuilding any landmarks and run-down areas of communities. 

There are different “hubs” for different cities and it’s very simple to join one of these hubs and get involved. Within these hubs, you organize different events whether it be fundraising or cleaning up the community.

During the larger, welcome for all meetings, members from all over the country meet to talk and learn more about the organization and each other. One of the first things they have each person do is to research what Native American tribe inhabited the area where you are currently living.

Meetings will either have different objectives or they will have one central idea or change that they would like to see in the government/country. 

One specific event that I took part in was calling our state representatives to push them toward advocating for the Green New Deal. While my representative wasn’t in office, I left a message. It gave me a sense of importance as I knew I was helping to work towards a better government and system. 

The Sunrise Movement has many goals. It strives to make changes that need to be made in our country, and actually carries out different events to work towards that goal.