Student Feature: Andrew “GadonSpace” Low


Darin Buenaluz, Staff Writer

Attempting to pursue feats such as Twitch streaming while being a full-time student is no easy task. It requires sacrificing time and effort for important things like academics and personal life to work towards embracing one’s biggest passions. For junior Andrew Low, better known by his Twitch username “GadonSpace, ” streaming is more than just another side project. It’s something he wants to continue even after graduating from high school while also receiving his college education. Though his viewership has been modest with less than 50 viewers per stream, and his content limited by obligations such as school, Low is committed to continuing the growth and presence of his channel.

“GadonSpace” was created in March of 2020, after everyone was forced indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Low, like many others during the safer-at-home period, was hit hard by quarantine and a lot of time on his hands. He wanted to spend it pursuing previous interests, in this case, Twitch streaming. He began streaming not too long after his account creation but was kept from making content for a couple of months after his computer broke. After replacing it in the middle of 2020, “GadonSpace” began exploring two main sources of content for his Twitch streams: studying and gaming. The former of the two would be streamed during the week, and the latter during the weekends.

“I decided to stream because I needed to do studying and was also doing online school. I thought it would be a good idea to stream me studying,” he stated.

Study streams served as one of the main ways that Low maintained communication with other people during the quarantine period. He did collaborations with a few other Twitch streamers but mostly kept to himself and his own group of friends. During his weekend streams, Low would feature games tailored to his own personal interests, including Valorant, Roblox, and Minecraft. However, his opportunities to stream became more limited once school reopened for in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year.

“I stopped streaming because I had to go to actual school and I ran out of time. But I plan to continue streaming after high school whenever I’m living by myself.”

Another unique aspect of the “GadonSpace” channel is the name itself. Low had originally created the name several years ago after first purchasing Minecraft. He also explained how he felt “Space” was more fitting in his account name than the typical “TTV” (Twitch TV) that is common among most streamers.

“When Minecraft 1.9 came out, I created the name Gadon, though I don’t remember why. The reason why I added ‘Space’ is because I needed to make my account more Twitch professional. [My name] used to be Gadon TTV, but someone told me that it looks kind of unprofessional.”

Aside from Twitch, Low has a following on several other social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, though he isn’t currently active on either.

There is more to Andrew Low than his streaming. At school, he considers himself a talkative person and is always trying to stay on good terms with his friends and most of his classmates, despite being looked at by some as “different” for the hearing aids he has to wear all the time. On the other hand, Low admits one thing he could work on in terms of his personality is putting actions behind his words, as he sees himself in a somewhat hypocritical light. This is due to Low being an advocate for protecting one’s privacy and personal information, yet he recognizes that he doesn’t conduct himself in a way as much as he feels he should. Furthermore, Low views himself as a generally honest person, as displayed through the aforementioned self-admission of hypocrisy.

The sense of fashion of “GadonSpace” has changed over the years. Once committed to keeping his clothing restricted to one color, Low has begun to change his everyday attire to be more vibrant in order to reflect his generally positive personality.

“I used to wear all black and dark colors, and then somewhere online I saw a video explaining how dark colors can affect your mental health, and that bright colors can make you happy. So I wear brighter colors to try and become a happy person.” 

After graduating from high school, Low intends on attending college to major in either the world of politics or philosophy. But regardless of his pursuits as an adult, one thing that he is devoted to continuing is the “GadonSpace” channel. He is working on creating more appealing thumbnails and titles for his streams, though he also pointed out his current disinterest in doing direct advertising or further collaborations. In the end, “GadonSpace” has been and will continue to be more than just a name that Andrew Low created, but rather a community.


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Low