The Benefits of Using Reseller Apps


Madison Yee, Staff Writer

Technology is always evolving, and so has the concept of purchasing secondhand. Consequently, the latest trend of utilizing reseller apps has seen its peak—from Depop and Poshmark to eBay and Etsy, there are so many resources at the tips of our fingertips. 

Especially with the pandemic, practically everything has converted to a virtual format. Considering the tremendous growth of online shopping to cure boredom, and selling old clothes to make some quick money, reseller apps have proved to be beneficial for sellers and consumers alike. 

Let’s look at some data: the average American purchases one new clothing piece every 5.5 days, which averages to around 66 items each year. As time has passed, people have begun to throw away clothes prematurely, and the amount of fast fashion produced has increased immensely. Because of this, more and more people are turning to online sources, and selling apps have become normalized as the first stop for shopping.

“I love using apps like these because it is cheaper and an eco-friendly way to buy secondhand,” said sophomore Leah Glass. 

Fortunately, these tools are a sustainable solution for making ethical shopping decisions. Investing in secondhand items decreases fashion waste and lowers one’s carbon footprint. Many users on apps like Depop and Poshmark resell their pre-loved clothes for others to make use of at significantly discounted prices. So for those who are spending on a budget, it acts as a way to buy clothes that you like without them being at the full retail price. Sellers also get the advantage of cleaning out their closets for some profit. Why let an old shirt sit in the back of your closet when you can get better use out of it? 

Additionally, there are social aspects to these platforms that are worth noting. The community that has been built is not only for the sole relationship of the seller to consumer, but it also enables users to interact with those who have the same style. Shopping in person or at thrift stores can often be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Whether you happen to go on a lucky day or not, the chances of receiving a large haul of clothing are typically low. However, with reseller apps, buyers can simply sort through categories, insert their own filters on what clothes they want, heart different items they like, and follow users that have the same style. This helps so much to make the shopping experience as fast and convenient as possible. 

While some love the social features, for some, these platforms are their source of income. Many have been able to create small businesses and launch their dreams into reality. Personally, I have seen some creators sell their own handmade goods such as jewelry, and screen-printed tops. With these easy-to-use apps that are often free to download, it is an innovative way to initiate a business without needing much expertise. All you really need is a phone to capture a few stock photos and post them with a brief description.   

Overall, reseller apps are smart to get involved in. It’s easy to use, and with the new online world, it is a great way to improve your shopping habits.


Photo courtesy of RAWPIXEL.COM