Irene Lema: What it’s like to be a part of Arcadia Track


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

Besides hanging out with friends, staying active, snowboarding, and walking around her neighborhood, junior Irene Lema loves being on the Arcadia High School (AHS) Track team. Being a part of it since her freshman year has brought a lot of great memories and experiences to her high school experience.

“We train five days a week for an average of two and a half hours a day. We practice speed, endurance, and for specific events,” Lema stated.

While it does consume a lot of time in her life, she loves it, regardless. It keeps her motivated and on a schedule.

Since she’s been a part of the team for so long, she has competed in many different events. Throughout her high school career, she said she has been in about 15 meets and competitions. These take place on weekdays or weekends and can last the whole day.

When asked why she joined track, Lema said that she “enjoyed running back in middle school and wanted to be a part of a sport’s team at AHS.”

This plays into why she enjoys this sport.

“I enjoy track because it keeps me in shape and, most of all, because of the great relationships I’ve made. These friendships are probably some of the best ones I’ve ever had. They make all the time and effort spent on the sport so worth it.”

The people she has met while being a part of track have been extremely rewarding. The relationships go beyond just seeing each other during practice. She also spends time with them outside of school because of how important they are to her. Like previously mentioned, these people have impacted her life in, what she believes to be, a great way. They have become so important to her and it’s all thanks to being a part of the Track team.

Lema has devoted much of her time to being on track. It’s such a big love of hers because she gets to see and spend time with the people she loves; she gets to do something she is passionate about, and she stays in shape which is also important to her.

Although it takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication, she loves what she does and plans to stay a part of the team for the rest of her high school experience.


Photo courtesy of IRENE LEMA