Summer 2022 Trends to Look Out For


Recife, Brazil, Boa Viagem Beach. Esperanto: VW-furgono plena je kolapsitaj seĝoj antaŭ palmoj en ĉestranda vojo.. Original image from Wikimedia Commons

Henrina Zhang, Staff Writer

As summer approaches, I’m sure we’re all excited to take a break from school, enjoy the warm weather, and start crossing off the things on our bucket list. From fashion to fun things to do with friends and family, here are a few trends I would look out for!

When summer break rolls around, it’s important to make the most of it. Going on adventures, making memories, and simply enjoying life are all things that are often forgotten. When given the opportunity to make unforgettable experiences– from the smallest activities to those once-in-a-lifetime experiences– always jump at the chance. For example, a small activity that has been trending is picnicking with friends or family. Find a nice outdoor area, lay down a blanket, and make sure to bring any type of food. Simply eat, talk, laugh, and enjoy the company of others and nature. 

Another experience everyone should partake in is taking walks, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or night. Watch the sunset or sunrise, or simply enjoy the outside; it’s the perfect way to wind down and live in the moment.

If you want something that’s more adventurous, look into things like going to amusement parks or carnivals. Festivals and concerts, which there will be plenty of this summer, are also activities I strongly recommend you go to.

“I have at least three concerts lined up this summer and I’m so excited. At least I have them to look forward to!” said Arcadia High School (AHS) sophomore Lucy Pang.

Along with what to do, summer 2022 will also be a season of fashion and style. There are so many different accessories and clothing pieces that will be dominating during the summer. Two very popular and, in my opinion, effortlessly aesthetic, accessories are baseball caps and sunglasses.

“My favorite accessory is wearing a cap because I can hide my messy hair and look really cute. I’ve literally started wearing them multiple times a week; I think it’s a new obsession,” stated sophomore Jolene Shen.

Perfect for the hot and sunny weather, adding a cap or a pair of sunglasses ties an outfit together. In addition, accessory-wise, simple gold or silver jewelry, also tie in perfectly with the summer aesthetic. 

Moving on from accessories, there are many clothing trends that will be following us into summer 2022 and new and upcoming styles. First, one of the biggest trends of the past few years is crochet. Crochet will most likely be following us into the summer, from matching sets to outerwear. 

Sophomore Chloe Hang voiced how “I’ve really started getting into crocheting. I think it’s super cute and fun, and I’ve started making sweaters, bags, and really cute beanies. I think crochet will be very popular as summer rolls around, especially because anyone can make it.”

Additionally, cutout-style clothing, inspired by shows that have recently boomed in popularity like Euphoria, will also be a huge trend. From swimsuits to dresses and tops, if it’s in your comfort zone, definitely invest in some sort of cutout style clothing to achieve that fierce but clean look! 

Next off, focusing on clothes for the lower half of the body, low rise and mid-rise pants and skirts have been making their way back into modern fashion trends. Materials like silk will also be something to look out for, as silk dresses and tops are timeless and perfect for summer. 

Simple tops, whether they be solid or bright colors, are basic, but essential. With all the crazy and flashy trends, it’s important to remember that every closet starts with its basics. Underwire details are especially popular currently, including corset tops. While big brand name stores and online platforms are one way to get your clothes, another method can be way cheaper and better for the economy: thrifting! With the rise of fast fashion and inflation, clothing is more expensive, and more corruptly made, than ever. Thrifting, or buying clothes that have already been used and donated, is a nice way to save money and not support corrupt brands. Thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers are perfect places to start. 

“As someone who likes to shop but is completely broke, thrifting is my favorite thing to do. I always walk to Savers with my friends and waste a couple of hours there. They have so many things to buy, like jeans, sweaters, bags, and random trinkets,” said sophomore Ismael Estevez. 

Even with the summer schools and programs many of us may have, make sure to enjoy summer 2022 to its fullest. We only have a few more months of school left! Even taking time for yourself, from lying in bed all day to giving yourself some time outside, summer is the time for self-care, memories, and growth.


Photo Courtesy of RAWPIXEL