2022 Spring Pep Assembly

Madison Yee, Staff Writer

Per tradition, groups including ASB, Pep Squad, Percussion, Pep Band, Colorguard, and Orchesis gathered in the North Gym for a lively 2022 Spring Pep Assembly. As the last Pep Assembly of the year, the livestream was produced by Apache News and brought virtually to students in their classrooms on Mar. 11. 

Opening with an introduction from junior Anchors Terry Cheung and Nicole Nie, the assembly transitioned to ASB Pep Commissioners Zoe Bui and Anya Yang who welcomed Percussion as the first performance. 

With unique costumes, choreography, and captivating music, Percussion created a story with their production called “Missing You Too.” World Line member junior Cassie Kao shared how this was her first time being a part of the experience and how she got to see the behind the scenes, along with the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it possible.

“I’ve seen firsthand how much dedication, effort, and time each member puts into perfecting this art, whether it is synchronizing the choreography or music with painstaking precision or even just finding the inner performer and projecting that passion and confidence to the audience. And it is truly remarkable to see the beginnings of our final product come together. The teamwork, trust, and chemistry everyone in the group has with each other is truly what makes World special,” she said. “We still have so much to learn and perfect but regardless, the focus and determination that each individual possesses in the group is so inspiring, and I believe that we will continue to accomplish so much as long as we persevere until the very end.”

Afterwards, the assembly segued to ASB Athletics Commissioner Matthew Le who presented the Arcadia High School (AHS) 2022 Spring Varsity Sports Teams. 

In this segment, teams including Volleyball, Golf, Softball, Swim, Track and Field, Badminton, and Baseball edited video montages of their seasons thus far with highlights from their achievements, comedic clips, and more. 

To follow, Colorguard shared their amazing performance called “Making Our Scars Gold.” 

“Having the opportunity to have more practice performing in front of an audience was very beneficial for the team and definitely my favorite part of performing in the Spring Pep Assembly,” said Winter Guard member senior Sebina Rothschild. 

On that note, students were then able to finally get a sneak peek for the highly anticipated 2022 Prom Reveal. After a teaser with help from Ethan Tran, Sebina Rothschild, and Shawn Pardo, ASB Sophomore President Kelly Cheng and ASB Sophomore Vice President and Prom Chair Joyce Lee made the exciting announcement. During the Prom reveal, the two disclosed that the venue will be at the Los Angeles River Center with the theme being “A Celestial Night.” The event is officially set to take place on May 28 with ticket sales beginning on May 9. 

With a quick round of applause for the Prom Committee’s hard work, the assembly progressed into a performance from Orchesis Dance Company. In the “Tap In” choreography, their high energy and lively dancing skills went above and beyond. 

“Honestly, it felt so exhilarating performing in the assembly,” said sophomore Stella Luong, member of Orchesis Dance Company. “Orchesis has not participated in the Spring Assembly in years, let alone done it with a hip-hop number. So I had such a blast performing with my friends while giving everyone a taste of what our dance team has worked so hard for. It really prepped us for our upcoming show next month, and I’m grateful we have these opportunities.”

After an exceptional dance number from Orchesis, Pep Squad put on their annual Unity performance which involves Pep Song, Pep Cheer, and Pep Flags. To an upbeat remix of numerous songs, they all worked as one while doing impressive stunts, flag tosses, turns, a kickline, hip-hop section, and more. 

ASB then organized a Pop Culture Trivia with some of AHS’ favorite teachers. In three rounds, teams were asked to name popular singers, trends, demonstrate “the jerk,” and more. The final competition was Mr. Chris Schultz and Ms. Clara Choi versus Mr. David Seiler and Ms. Carlie Jones, Mr. Seiler brought his team to victory. 

Finally, the assembly ended with Pep Band who played the Alma Mater. As the performance came to a close, it was a great last Pep Assembly of the year for the spring season.  


Photos by Ainsley Najafzadeh and Emmaline Pan