The Explicit Beauty of Mother Nature

Sophia Li, Staff Writer

In many ways, nature is like a second mother to me, as there’s something so captivating about going outside and seeing a sunset with hues painted slightly different from the day before. Looking up at the night sky full of stars twinkling back at me always delivers a sense of calm like no other. 

Mother Nature surrounds us all, whether we know it or not. Many times, in a life full of hustle with the go-go-go mentality, it can be hard to stop and take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature around us, to appreciate the journey we have called life. Mother Nature brings a sense of calmness, helps us destress, and brings a greater sense of appreciation for life, which is why it’s so beautiful to see. Some examples of the explicit beauty of nature include sunsets and sunrises, trees, and flowers.

Starting off, the sky itself is very special. It gets repainted every day, and no two days are exactly the same, which is why it reminds us to value each and every day. Sunsets and sunrises are both exceptionally beautiful to watch, and extremely calming. Sunsets bring a different sense of closure to the end of the day, as the mid-day warmth transitions to the chilly breeze that sweeps through the night. Sunsets are also fun to watch with friends and family members, as it’s always a great time for bonding. As for sunrises, they always bring motivation and accomplishment to anyone up at an early hour. Knowing that you’re awake, earlier than everyone else, and have gotten things done off your checklist is an amazing way to start your day. Sunrises also symbolize the waking of the rest of the world, the waking of life. 

“For me, my favorite form of nature that I find really captivating is sunsets, because I like to watch them at the end of the day. Luckily, sunsets outside my house are usually very easy to see, so I like to watch them with my family and friends when I have time. I especially like sunsets that have hues of pink and orange, because those are my favorite colors,” Arcadia High School freshman Reena Hsieh, said. 

Moving on, trees are also extremely important, from the grandiose ones to the saplings. Trees are essential to helping fight global warming, as well as providing important habitats for organisms of all types, making them crucial to our ecosystem. Traveling in a national park and being able to look up at layers and layers of tree branches towering over you is a feeling like no other. Additionally, trees are beautiful because of how well their colors complement each other, as some trees are evergreen and others change their leaf colors throughout the year. 

Not only are the skies and trees beautiful, but flowers are like gifts from above, as no matter in what situation or occasion, they never fail to catch the eyes of a person. Flowers are universal gifts for loved ones, as they’re associated with youth, beauty, love, and pleasure. Myths have been a long culture of storytelling, as Greek goddesses and over 20 Greek stories have persisted to this day. However, one can also find beauty in the dual nature of flowers. Just like how they can represent youth and a new life, they can also represent death, as it’s a common practice to leave flowers on one’s gravestone. Additionally, it’s really cool how some flowers follow mathematical rules, like the Fibonacci sequence, found in all sorts of nature! 

No matter what type of nature you love and like to experience, it’s important to make sure we do our part in helping preserve our world because of all it has given us! At the end of the day, the world that surrounds us is not just extremely important, but we use it for our daily needs like food, the products we use, and the air we breathe. Make sure that in your daily life, you’re finding ways to appreciate and observe nature whenever you can.