Helpful AHS Habits


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

Arcadia High School (AHS) is known for being a highly competitive school. Students at the school work hard to achieve their goals both inside and outside of the classroom.. But what exactly do they do to achieve this? Here are some habits that fellow students say have helped them with their studies. 

The first person, Dahlia Johnson, who is a junior at AHS said, “I use my agenda every day, even if I remember my homework I like to keep track of the work I’ve done because it helps me feel productive and it encourages me to work. When I don’t write in it, I get uncomfortable so it’s just a good way for me to stay organized. I also do a lot of work in my free periods and at lunch so I don’t fall behind.” 

Resources such as K12 state that “having a planner gives students the freedom to plan, organize and keep track of their work to the best of their abilities and requirements.” 

As Johnson said, it’s beneficial to keep a planner or agenda to stay on top of schoolwork and keep a person motivated. 

Nikka Jafari, also a junior, said, “I like sticking to a schedule. I get home, eat dinner, and shower, then I start studying at 5:00. I stop studying at 8:00 so that I can relax my brain before I sleep so that I’m not worrying about anything.” 

For her, having a routine helps her stay focused. This is not at all uncommon as routines tend to give people a sense of security and can help them stay on topic. Although it doesn’t work for every student, it is known that schedules have helped people with their studies. 

Breaks are also important for AHS students. Especially when they are studying for big tests. 

Giving the brain a rest has been shown to increase “your energy, productivity, and ability to focus,” said Cornell Health.

Similarly, Irene Lima, junior, stated, “For me, what helps me stay on task after school is not allowing myself to go on my phone until I have finished the assignment I’m working on. So basically, I take breaks after every assignment that I finish.” 

This helps Lima stay on task. Phones have been known to be huge distractions for students, and they don’t always help a person stay focused. Lima explains that being off her phone is extremely beneficial in being productive. 

Lastly, Nathan Liu, junior, said that the after-school habit that works for him is “almost like meditation. Just five minutes where I can relax and really have that time to myself without any distractions with soft music in the background. Relaxing my body before I start my schoolwork helps me feel ready for what I have to do.” 

Each student at our school has a different routine or schedule and they all work in different ways. Whether it’s keeping a routine, having a planner, or relaxing before and after working, each method helps different people stay focused and productive. Just because one person works differently from another, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less helpful.


Photo Courtesy of FLICKR