The Varsity Song Team


Madison Yee, Staff Writer

Arcadia’s Varsity Song team is always ready to bring school spirit and fun performances to sports games and assemblies all year round. Although we know them for their high energy and exceptional dancing skills, what goes on behind the scenes, and what have been their takeaways so far?

Each year, the Varsity Song team participates in cheering on Arcadia High School at football and basketball games, while also doing many rallies, assemblies, and half-time performances. Recently on Jan. 22, they went to the Sharp Competition at Upland High School and placed 1st for the High School Pom division.

Current senior and Team Captain Rianne Fujinaga has been on the team for all four years of high school and expressed the importance of a good team dynamic.

“I love my team members so much! We’re always working together to meet choreo deadlines. All of them are so hardworking and are great at compromising with each other,” said Fujinaga.

Not only do they grow closer during their daily practices and weekly events, the team also has fun being together outside of school hours. Fujinaga recalls a memory from their Halloween bonding event where she was able to “hang out with the girls outside of a dance setting. It was really great getting closer.”

Sophomore Lindsey Popoff agreed and the same as Fujinaga, she said that she “loves [her] team and how [they] grow together. Performing with them is [her] favorite part.”

When reflecting on the year, two-year member junior Agnes Eng also looks back on her time with the team so far. For Agnes, her favorite performance was the Homecoming Assembly.

“My favorite memory is the Homecoming Assembly because the adrenaline and energy of performing alongside my teammates has become such a core memory for me. Months of hard work compressed in two minutes was worth it!” Eng mentioned.

On the other hand, freshman Lexi Ledesma, she enjoys the opportunity to “cheer for the football games and rallies because it’s always so much fun learning and performing dances for the crowd.”

During the first semester with football season, Pep Squad cheers on the sidelines with different jingles, cheers, chants, and stomps. For home games, they would also decorate the Salter Stadium with posters and host pep rally performances on the Rally Court at lunch.

However, this semester they have switched to basketball season so that the team can give the same spirit to the Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball teams.

Speaking of this, Song’s performances don’t go without hours of practice and perfecting their routines. From the extensive tryout process to summer practices that extend throughout the whole school year, the team has been able to learn a lot.

“So far, I have learned many new techniques and have been able to improve on my turns and kicks. I also found a passion for dancing that I didn’t know I had,” said sophomore Kailani Yamashiro.

As of right now, be on the lookout for Song’s amazing performances at sports games and at the upcoming Spring Assembly alongside the Varsity Cheer and Pep Flags team.


Photo courtesy of Rianne Fujinaga