The Woodwatch


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

WoodWatch is a 9-year-old company dedicated to making bands for the typical wristwatch. However, this brand isn’t like any other company. The wood used to make these bands make this brand almost entirely sustainable, creating a huge difference between this brand and others. 

The original goal of this company was to create a product that changed “people’s perspectives on the impact of the things they buy and wear,” stated WoodWatch.

These wristbands use entirely recycled wood, making them a great, sustainable product. They are also handcrafted and their packaging is also created to be mindful of the environment. This Dutch brand is the first to create a wooden watch that is actually affordable as well. 

“WoodWatch is committed to replanting forests and doing this for every single purchase. Together with Trees For The Future, three trees are planted for each product that is sold in the Forest Garden Program. They do this to compensate for their wood usage and carbon footprint but also to support local communities in Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda,” said The Soul of Seoul.

The brand gets great reviews all around whether it be for their quick shipping and detailed crafting skills or their affordability and stylishness. They have around 80 styles to choose from and all of them have been widely praised.

The bamboo watch is said to have “a beautiful natural pattern that adds to the beauty of the watch.”

The WoodWatch’s sandalwood watch is also described as unique and soft. 

WoodWatch puts a lot of hard work into making watches long-lasting for the reason that they use sustainable and quality wood,” said Watch Researcher.

Nathan Liu, junior, stated, “I don’t personally own one of these watches, but they look so cool. I would definitely get one as a gift for someone.” 

This company also has a feature that allows you to add an engraved saying or symbol to the product that you buy. Each engraving is done on the back and many customers are more than happy with this addition. 

The brand WoodWatch was created to “help people express their unique style.” Their products get great reviews and are popular amongst all kinds of people. Although the company started off small, it has grown substantially since its creation and is now an international company. The three men who started it all had no idea how many people would be raving about their watches. Many think that some of the materials used to make the bands are unorthodox, however, the fact that they are sustainable is very appealing.


Photo Courtesy of STOCKSNAP