“Evil”: One of the Most Popular Series on Paramount+

Aahana Dutta, Staff Writer

Looking to binge-watch something intellectually creepy but not straight-up spooky? Then look no further, because Evil has you covered!

The supernatural drama series was created by Robert and Michelle King, and produced by CBS Studios and King Size Productions. It first premiered on CBS on Sept. 26, 2019, where it was renewed the same year in October. However, it moved to Paramount+ in 2021, where its second season premiered on June 20, 2021. Evil was renewed for a third season in July of the same year. 

The series follows a forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard, played by Katja Herbers, a Catholic seminarian (and to-be priest) David Acosta, played by Mike Colter, and a technology contractor Ben Shakir played by Aasif Mandvi, as they do a bit of demon hunting. 

The story starts when Bouchard gets fired from her place of employment after her defendant Orson LeRoux claims to be demonically possessed, and unable to pay off her student loans, she skeptically joins Acosta, who happens to be the Catholic Church’s professional assessor, along with Shakir, to assess people who claim to have connections with the supernatural world of demons. Shakir, much like Bouchard, doesn’t believe in demons and ghosts but is a technical genius who helps Acosta in his research. However, Bouchard’s skepticism soon fades, as she realizes that Acosta isn’t one of those believers who claim everything is about demons, ghosts, and god, and decides to join his team permanently.

The series, per se, isn’t conventionally scary. There are barely a few if any jump scares, and the TV-14 series doesn’t have a lot of gore either. Despite that, the series couldn’t be any less captivating or creepy. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of gore, the series uses a lot of implications to deliver its content. And something about it is so creepy that it makes you want to see more, but it also makes you want to snuggle inside a blanket with all the lights turned on. You rarely see any blood, any real act of violence, but the conversation between the characters, the expression on their faces, are more than enough to eerily deliver to you the details. It’s the kind of show that will keep you up at night, and make you uneasy, but once it’s morning, you can’t help but wonder if you’re missing something or misinterpreting something. 

In fact, the show is so interesting, that it’s ranked #7 in terms of the popularity of shows on Paramount+. Even a quick glance at the Google reviews of the show is enough to know just how great the show is. 

One fan of the show, Aaron Jelsema said, “Some of the best network TV to air in a long time, in the opinion of a long time serial drama fan.  The writing, direction, score, and acting are all top-notch and subtly creepy as hell, bringing back memories of a time when Hitchcock was a household name and when suspense and what remains left to the imagination was far creepier than the jump scares and in your face gore so pervasive today.  Also, from a science major, the skeptical angle taken to seemingly supernatural events is a refreshing take on a genre that often gets bogged down in the cheesy and ridiculous.” They continued by saying, “If you only have time in your schedule for one new show this year and you’re at all or have ever been a fan of horror/mystery/thrillers, Evil is the way to spend that hour each week.”

Evil manages to be the perfect blend of science and superstition by constantly questioning where one ends and the other begins. The phenomenal acting of the ensemble cast will get you lost in the world they create and start asking yourself what’s really going on,” says junior Annika Bullock. 

The show is available to watch on Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video Premium Subscription, and on Apple TV and Vudu, starting from a fee of $1.99.

If you’re a horror fan and enjoy watching creepy-themed shows, Evil should definitely be something you should check out!