Top Art Trends of 2022


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

2022 has rolled in and brought in its own set of trends into the art community. Ranging from virtual art to street art, each style and trend poses its own unique set of characteristics. 

Coming in during the COVID-19 pandemic, museums such as the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) adopted virtual art. These exhibits were such a big hit that they are expected to gain popularity during 2022 as well. 

For example, under MOMA’s Virtual Views program one can see art by Van Gogh, Neri Oxman, Dorothea Langue, Paul Cezanne, Faith Ringgold, and more.

“Viewers can now experience an ongoing installation of Faith Ringgold’s work. The online resource includes Q&A’s, poetry, audio features, and more,” stated Stanford Daily on MOMA’s website,

The Louvre in France also offers virtual art exhibitions. One can get a glimpse of many different time periods through its website.

This museum’s virtual tour has a “Mona Lisa beyond the glass virtual reality experience” which is a virtual reality experience designed to let viewers get up close and personal with the “real Mona Lisa”. 

The next form of art that is expected to become popular in 2022 is contemporary art. There are many reasons for this that go beyond the aesthetic value of each piece. 

“It (contemporary art) allows individuals a means of personal expression,” Iesa Arts & Culture. “Through painting, sculpture, and performance art, anyone can express themselves in a way that will be safely observable for others. Likewise, the perspectives that are expressed are valuable for society because it gives a unique window into the minds and thoughts of the artist.”

In addition, a lot of social justice issues were brought up during COVID-19. Contemporary art is a way for many artists to express what they feel about certain situations. 

Lastly, street art is predicted to be on the rise during 2022. This art style ties into contemporary art as it allows the artist to express his or her emotions and opinions. 

It is often confused with graffiti; however, the main difference between street art and graffiti is the goal of the art. 

“Traditionally, graffiti artists don’t intend for the public to understand their work, nor do they care,” stated Stephanie Przybylek on Study.

Street artists on the other hand, “take the ideas and tools associated with graffiti and use them to make art that sends a message.”

“It’s cool when street art has meaning behind it! It’s not like someone just randomly decided to tag a wall on the side of the freeway,” Nikka Jafari, a junior at Arcadia High School stated. “It has meaning and people spend lots of time on this artwork. It’s more like a mural than graffiti, and just because it isn’t in a fancy museum like the Louvre doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be appreciated.”

This art form has caught the attention of the public seeing as how each piece of work reflects a different artist’s values and feelings. Each artist has a very specific style that is unique to them. 

While there are hundreds of different trends coming to light this year, these three have definitely stood out because of their meaning and progression. It is agreed upon by the general public that art is constantly changing yet this is what makes these changing trends so appealing. 


Photo courtesy of Redd on UNSPLASH.COM