Club Feature: Korean Culture Appreciation Club


Vritti Godani, Staff Writer

Arcadia High School has brought many new and innovative clubs onto campus this year for students to participate in and experience. One of these clubs is the Korean Culture Appreciation Club (KCAC). 

“KCAC wants to teach as many people as possible about Korean culture and to inform people so they don’t get things wrong especially with the prevalence of K-pop today”, stated Co-President Crystal Kim. The club aims to stop the spread of misinformation regarding Korean culture and help people learn more and interact with aspects of Korean culture. 

Club meetings are often informative, and officers learn and educate members on new topics each month. The club plays lots of games and partakes in a lot of social activities. For instance, past meetings have included presentations on Korean entertainment (specifically Squid Game), the Korean alphabet (learning the basics of Hangul and how to write your name), and Korean traditional games (ddakji and a frying pan game). The club also had a meeting where they played “red light green light” from the popular TV show, Squid Game. The club’s meetings revolve around important cultural aspects of Korean culture that are important in Korean communities. 

“My favorite meeting was the red light green light activity meeting. I enjoyed playing the game as Squid Game is one of my favorite shows. I also enjoy attending all the club meetings and learning something new,” stated junior Allison Bernardini. 

“I enjoy meeting new people who are interested in learning more about my culture or who are just stopping by for a meeting or two”, said Co-President Crystal Kim. 

The club’s officer team includes Benjamin Oh and Crystal Kim as Co-Presidents, Christina Xu as Vice President, Nicole Nie as Public Relations, Kaden Cho as Secretary, Kaitlyn Kwong as Treasurer, Charlotte Huang as the ICC Representative, and Ms. Zhang as the club’s advisor. 

VThis is the club’s first year being chartered and has gathered an ample number of club members. KCAC meets every Friday in room J106, so stop by if you feel like learning more about Korean culture!