The Choir’s Winter Performances

Jorge Espinoza, Features Editor

Music is a widely enjoyed hobby and pastime. Some people like to produce it, others perform it, and some find a keen interest in spectating it. To such an extent that most major cities have renowned orchestra or band programs at their music halls. Yet, perhaps one of the most underrated musical branches in history is choir–something we can change through action here on campus.

On-campus, we have Chanteurs and Concert Choir. The former is the advanced choir, which does chorus-style concerts in the fall and show choir in the spring. The latter, as the name implies, does concert choir year-long.

“I’ve been in both [Chanteurs and Concert Choir], and honestly, they’re both so different and you learn unique things from each of the programs,” commented senior Nicole Busuego, a tenor in Chanteurs.

On Dec. 7, the choirs performed at San Gabriel Mission’s Tree Lighting Ceremony in front of at least 100 people. Chanteurs performed some of their pieces for their winter concert and Concert Choir joined them for a version of ‘Sleigh Ride.’

“It was really cold outside,” added Myriam Christensen, a senior soprano in Chanteurs, “but as soon as we started singing, the cold didn’t bother me anymore. I was too busy focusing on remembering my lines.”

Like Christensen mentioned, both choirs were asked to memorize their sheet music. Since the end of their Fall Concert, which took place in mid-October, these musicians have been working hard to get their next concert together.

“For the performance in San Gabriel,” added Busuego, “We learned ‘Silent Night’ in just two rehearsals.”

Although the concert faced a restricted number of attendees due to COVID, the choir department saw a huge increase in attendance since their fall concert. Luckily for us, we are starting the spring semester, which means morel performances from both groups. This year, the new choir teacher, Ms. Connie Tu, has merged both Chanteurs and Concert Choir for the winter performance, bringing a powerful voice to the stage. In addition to both of the choirs performing together, these musicians will have a live orchestra, the Arcadia High School Orchestra, playing alongside them.

This grand finale show took place on Dec. 10 at the Performing Arts Center. The show featured pieces such as ‘Wolcum Yole’, ‘This Little Babe’, ‘Once Upon a December’, ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’, ‘Everywhere Christmas Tonight’, ‘Sanctus Festival’, and ‘Sleigh Ride.’

“We were so excited,” said senior Michelle Huo, Treasurer of Chanteurs, “But I didn’t hear people say, ‘Oh I’m going to the choir concert!’”

This is why we have to support all of our musicians, showing them that we appreciate their effort and are thrilled to see them perform. We could show the choir department a bit more of our love in their upcoming spring performances!