Erewhon: The Market, not the Book


Vritti Godani, Staff Writer

With its name being derived from the 1872 satirical novel, Erewhon stands as being the most popular grocery store in the Los Angeles (LA) area. Erewhon attracts countless celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Miley Cyrus. Erewhon focuses on niche, locally produced, and organic foods, and it aims to draw in wealthy clients. Erewhon also caters to people with specific dietary needs or people on vegan, keto, kosher, or other specific diets. After hearing about the heart-stopping prices of this grocery store, many wonder, what makes it so special? 

For starters, Erewhon only has seven locations in L.A., Silverlake, Venice, Palisades, Santa Monica, Calabasas, and Studio City. Erewhon is known for its prices that are higher than Whole Foods and wellness-based products that appeal to all the new health and wellness trends. Erewhon was actually the launchpad for Coconut Cult’s $25 yogurt. Insiders say that Erewhon sold medicinal mushrooms, charcoal smoothies, and other trendy items way before other retailers started selling them. All Erewhon stores have multiple different sections, including Beer & Wine, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Dairy & Eggs, Erewhon Goods, Frozen, and Meat & Fish.

Erewhon is most known for its Hot Bar that has everything ranging from orange chicken and buffalo cauliflower to raw flatbread pizzas and sweet potato taquitos. The most popular items at the Erewhon Hot Bar are Japanese food, buffalo cauliflower, coconut chicken tenders, kale, white bean, and avocado salad. 

Erewhon also offers a membership where members can receive 10% accrual on in-store and online purchases and more. More information about the membership can be found here

On multiple occasions, Erewhon has been considered to be the Whole Foods for celebrities. Not only is Erewhon extremely overpriced, but it also offers products that are almost guaranteed to draw you in. Erewhon does not just draw in young celebrities, but it attracts people of all ages due to its wellness-oriented nature, evident by celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhall being spotted here.


Photographic Courtesy of EREWHON.COM