The Omicron Variant


Anna Odell, Staff Writer

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified a new variant of COVID-19, Omicron. There is little information on it, as it was just discovered. Yet, there have already been 19 reported cases in California. 

Immense research is being conducted to discover more about the effects of this Omicron variant. It was originally discovered in South Africa where COVID cases are still high and is currently spreading around the globe.

“This new iteration of the coronavirus has prompted concern among scientists and public health officials because of an unusually high number of mutations that have the potential to make the virus more transmissible and less susceptible to existing vaccines,” stated Andrew Jacobs on The New York Times

The first person who was diagnosed with Omicron only exhibited mild symptoms that improved relatively quickly. However, like the other strains of COVID, each individual’s body can react in a different way. 

The main concern is the severity of the strain. Even though the first two people who contracted it didn’t experience any severe symptoms, it has sparked panic all over the world, especially since there is still little information available. Many people are worried that Omicron will be just as severe as the Delta variant.

Public health experts have urged caution, noting that there is as yet no firm evidence that Omicron is more dangerous than previous variants like Delta,” Jacobs also said. 

Knowing this information has put some people to ease yet like the article stated, it is important that they take precautions. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor for the White House, stated that the severity is, in fact, “a bit encouraging,” and it might not be as bad as the public originally thought. 

Testing is still being done to determine the true risk factor. Fauci, as well as other health organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are still warning people to be cautious and not to underestimate the variant. 

People could be spreading Omicron without knowing it, which could pose a threat of its own.  

“Some leaders have warned that Omicron is likely spreading undetected in the community,” CBS News said. 

ABC 7 stated that there are three confirmed cases in Los Angeles County.Thankfully, the majority of the population is vaccinated, and most aren’t showing any severe signs of illness. 

Those who have been affected are vaccinated, proving that anyone could be at risk.Although the symptoms are very mild, officials still agree that the general public needs to be careful and be aware that it is spreading throughout the country. 


Photo courtesy of PIXABAY.COM