Classical Music’s Beauty


Sophia Li, Staff Writer

After a long day at school, most students don’t wind down by turning on their classical Beethoven or Mozart. However, for some students, it is different, as classical music offers so much more than what it might be thought worthy of. People who aren’t listening to classical music may be missing out on a great way to relax and find motivation.

Classical music is music written in Western musical tradition, that is, following certain rules and patterns that structure the piece. Classical music has existed throughout history dating back to the Medieval era, flourishing from the 1750s to the early 1820s. Famous artists include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, and Antonio Vivaldi. Much of the music composed back then was with an intellectual purpose in mind. Music was mostly listened to to serve the church, glorify God, or relax. More than 250 years later, there are still classical music fans or simply people who find pleasure in listening to classical music. 

“I like listening to Debussy because his music is very relaxing, and it’s like the perfect studying music, as it helps me concentrate a lot better. I especially like listening to his piece, ‘Deux arabesques: Deux arabesques: I. Andantino con moto’ when I do my homework,” Audrey Lim, a classical music fan, described.

Nowadays, classical music today has a much broader spectrum with a much broader meaning. Upcoming artists like to combine aspects of classical music with pop songs trending today or to recreate classical pieces. The most notable contemporary classical artists today include Steven Reich, John Adams, James Dillon, and Arvo Part. However, the one thing that distinguishes classical music from other contemporary forms of music today like pop and rap is that classical music never gets old. It is one of the few types of music that still holds interest today due to its versatility. 

For example, Kyle Exum, a music artist, released a song based on Beethoven’s “Für Elise”, one of the most well-known classical pieces in history. He released his remix in 2020, featuring Shawn Wasabi, titled “Bassthoven”. The piece starts off like how the classic “Für Elise” would sound, but after five seconds, Kyle Exum starts rapping from the perspective of Beethoven in modern times. 

Listening to classical music is not only calm and soothing, but it can also be motivational at times and is often the music used in studies to determine if music can affect human behavior.

“According to a 2007 study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, music — classical music, specifically — can help your brain absorb and interpret new information more easily,” Crystal Raypole stated. 

My personal favorite contemporary classical music artist is Yiruma, who’s a South Korean pianist and composer. Some of my favorite pieces by him are “River Flows In You”, “Kiss The Rain”, and “May Be.” I enjoy listening to his music because the music evokes feelings of raindrops and forms of water like rivers and streams. It’s easy to let the sound of music overwash me, and I personally like how the music has a nice flow to it. The small details that add up to the peak of the piece add a nice touch to it as well. In general, I enjoy listening to classical music when I do my homework or just taking a break from my responsibilities. 

All in all, classical music has been beneficial to me and many more, which is giving it a try would be a good idea. You never know, you may even get inspired to compose your own!


Photographic Courtesy of FLICKR.COM