Teacher Feature. Ms. Jessica Wada

Sophia Li, Staff Writer

Let’s welcome one of the new staff members of Arcadia High School: Jessica Wada, a science teacher, who teaches Chemistry and AP Biology!

Ms. Wada grew up right here in the San Gabriel Valley and went to college in San Diego. 

“I majored in a mix of Biology and Chemistry, and then I got my teaching credentials in both subjects and finished my student teaching, trying both as well,” commented Ms. Wada.

Fun fact, Ms. Wada has her bilingual authorization, so technically she could also teach her courses in Spanish! 

“I studied abroad in Argentina when I was in college, so I double majored in Spanish. It’s a unique country, and the Spanish language is very interesting,” Ms. Wada explained.

“A goal I have for myself, other than surviving, would be to be more balanced and well-rounded. I would like to have a better work-life balance, like setting aside certain times to do work efficiently, and also making a concerted effort to do fun things,” Ms. Wada reflected, after making the transition back to in-person learning this year. 

Her goal for her students would be for them to make good relationships in the classroom, especially now that they’re back in person. Ms. Wada hopes that her classroom environment fosters teamwork so students can learn what it means to be an excellent group member, how to help each other out as a class community and have the opportunity to become friends with each other. She also hopes her students find the class to be fun! 

On the topic of her goal for her students, Ms. Wada shared, “When students say: ‘Oh, I made friends in your class when you made us be in a group together,’ that makes me so happy!”

As for her first year teaching at Arcadia High School with in-person classes, Ms. Wada said, “I mean, it’s a lot different because the school I worked at before was a lot different, so that was already a change. It’s better though, because I’m coming in person to school, and I get to see people!”

However, with anything, there are some challenges here and there. For Ms. Wada, the faster-paced learning environment in-person has been one of the hurdles for her. Compared to last year, when most of the curriculum was cut short by a lot, this year has proved to be challenging managing her grading. 

Last but not least, Ms. Wada wants all of her students to know that she truly cares about them.