Teacher Feature: Mr. Kevin Markor

Vritti Godani, Staff Writer

After walking the halls of our rival school Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) for the past six years, Kevin Markor transferred to AHS as a teacher for special ed history classes. He also co-teaches US  History with Ms. Leahy for 2 periods a day. Before teaching at CVHS, Mr. Markor taught at a charter school in Los Angeles for a year. 

When asked about his experience at AHS so far, he says, “I would say that my experience has been great.” He likes the way AHS treats students in a mature way and as if they are adults, which he says “makes for a more enjoyable experience.” 

Mr. Markor’s favorite part about being a teacher is “being part of the school community and culture.” He loves talking, bonding, and overall interacting with the students and having a positive influence on their time here at AHS, and making sure they enjoy their experience at this school. 

Surprisingly, Mr. Markor did not really enjoy learning until he started attending college, and when talking about his academics before college, he said he “never excelled in school but [he] always had great teachers who inspired [him] to get into the field”. 

We are so excited to have Mr.Markor here!