Thank You, Tennis

Henrina Zhang, Staff Writer

Having played tennis for more than three years, I can say that it’s a significant part of my current lifestyle. From the experiences on and off the court to the people I’ve met, I’m so thankful for deciding to stick with tennis. As my tennis season has ended, I find myself missing practice and the fun of rallying with friends every day. 

Tennis has definitely opened many doors for me, as I’ve met a whole new group of teammates and now close friends. My teammates and I have formed many bonds with each other, becoming closer over our passion for tennis and desire to improve. I can always find myself a companion to practice with, or just a friend to hang out with. Whether it’s in practice or playing for fun, I’m always laughing with my teammates, or wallowing in some sort of tennis-related inconvenience.  I would have never found that support and friendship without joining Arcadia’s tennis team. 

Along with the people, tennis has also given me life lessons to apply to my future. I’ve learned that, occasionally, strategy trumps power, so focusing on matters like physical strength isn’t necessary. As an overly competitive sport, tennis has taught me how to quickly think on my feet and keep a steady mindset. I’ve developed skills of keeping calm and never losing hope since tennis is just as much of a mind game as it is a physical sport. In addition, most tennis matches, especially singles, revolve around yourself, so there is no one to advocate for you. That means that I have to speak up for myself, which I have found to be really beneficial to my self-confidenceI have tennis to thank for believing in myself more. 

This sport has also given me a sense of belonging and dedication. Stepping onto a court, I always feel a wave of comfort and security. I’ve worked hard to get to the level I’m at now, and I enjoy that sense of accomplishment. Tennis is able to fuel my competitiveness, and I find it easy to let out my frustrations and concerns when I’m whacking the ball around. Furthermore, I’ve gotten used to performing under pressure, an important skill for the real world. Joining the team has also immensely improved my physical abilities. With all the cardio exercise and conditioning, I am more fit and healthy than ever. I’m thankful for the fact that tennis provides me with the exercise I need. It’s also given me something to do with my time, which makes me incredibly grateful, as I hate being bored. 

Overall, I love tennis and all the blessings it’s given me. My life is filled with so much more excitement, people, and experience with situations under pressure, all thanks to tennis.