Thank You, Close Friends

Henrina Zhang, Staff Writer

When I’m asked what I’m thankful for, a million answers rush into my head. Among those answers, the one I usually respond with is my friends. My close friends are a precious part of my life, and I treasure each one of them. I’m eternally grateful for the memories we make, the fun we have together, the motivation we provide for each other, and the support. 

One aspect as to why I truly appreciate my friends is because of the memories I make with them. From late-night outings to casual hangouts at cafes, I’ve made a collection of fond experiences to look back on. I find reminiscing about my time with friends comforting, and it helps me feel more content. I always look forward to when we decide to go out, giving my life that exciting spontaneity that I crave. When times are rough, the memories I make reassure me that facing challenges is worth it, as there are so many fun things I have and still need to experience. Presently, when I look back into the past, I think I’ll most vividly remember the late-night walks with a few of my friends. Something about being comfortable around each other, even when no one is talking, makes me feel so much at peace. I also love memories like carpool karaoke, hanging out in a friend’s room, and random Target runs; I find myself anticipating these experiences often. I can count on my friends to make me laugh, and, in the moment, forget about any concerns I may have. 

However, along with the good times, there are also the bad moments. But when I’m feeling defeated, my friends know just how to motivate me. I love the fact that we push each other to be better, even when we feel like giving up. I can honestly admit that without the motivation and support of my friends, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. They recognize the effort I put into something, and reassure me that the results pay off. I also make sure to encourage them as well, since having a motivated group of friends helps me push myself more. My friends inspire me to work harder and be a better person every day, for which I am extremely thankful. Although we occasionally complain together and wallow in our struggles, I find this to be therapeutic, as I know I’m not alone and others understand what I’m going through. 

When I think about my friends, I am so grateful for how amazing they are, and how happy they can make me. They provide me numerous opportunities to change for the better, and the reassurance that we grow as people together.