Thank You, Grandparents

Amanda Chang, Media Editor

Even when my day could have been better, I always have something to be grateful for. However, I literally would not be able to be here today without my grandparents. 

It was because of them that I am able to be here, alive. That I am here, in California. That I am here, in Arcadia. That I am here, writing this article.

Dear Agong, thank you so much for your hard work that allows me to be here—for studying by candlelight, for making investments in our future, for always being at work. Thank you for bringing Beigong, his wife, and his eight children to America, so that they would no longer have to be farmers in Taiwan, so that we could always have family around, and so that I would always feel loved. I’m sorry that you cannot be here to enjoy this empire of family, love, and fun that you established. But you are well-remembered and loved. Although you were always working, your children still have fond memories of you from vacations, and it’s why they love traveling so much. The yearly trips I  take with my cousins bring so much joy, fun, laughter, and lifelong memories that we will always cherish.

Dear Ama, thank you so much for your constant support—for being the matriarch of the family, the brilliant manager, the bridge that connects us all. You are always there to provide and assist us, to make us better, and to offer us your knowledge. We are so lucky that you are the reason that our family is always dining together, playing poker, and laughing about our inside jokes. You are so strong, amazing, and caring, all in your own special way. You mean more to us than we could ever fathom. 

Dear Ama, thank you for always smiling—you always wanted to play with me, smell the flowers we cut for you, and make us laugh by putting Play-doh on your toes. You had a heart of gold and a smile that was just as beautiful. Even after your accident, you still knew how to enjoy life, and I only wish we had visited you more. Thank you for all of the lovely memories you provided us with when you were still around. I hope you loved them just as much, even if it was just for a couple seconds before you forgot them. You are very much missed.

Dear Akon, thank you for your incredibly diligent effort throughout the years—for working as a busboy while going to university, for making sacrifices to save money, and for taking care of Ama in the nursing home day in and day out. You are the craftsman, gardener, and faithful one of our family; the backbone and the head. You never fail to be compassionate, and are always willing to listen when needed, or tell stories when asked. We love the funny videos you send, the jokes you make, and the loving acts of kindness you do for us, whether it’s cutting fruit for us or constantly taking pictures to remind us of how much you love us. We love you, too.

I love all of you. Wo ai ni.