To The Teenagers Out There…


Sophia Li, Staff Writer

Being a teenager is hard in a multitude of ways. Keeping up with your friends, carrying the expectations of your family, and finding time to have fun can be overwhelming at times. However, it’s important to note that being comfortable with ourselves and being positive is one of the key essentials to a fulfilling life. Though it may seem like school and extracurriculars are all that matter now, there is so much more later on that life has to offer. To all the teenagers out there, here are some rules to live by, things to always remember, and ways to stay positive that may help a teen out (from a fellow teen)!


Don’t listen to what other people have to say about you. It’s none of their business, and people assume without asking. It might just be that they have their own problems and are taking it out on you. Especially block them out if you wouldn’t go to them for advice.

For example, if you’re at a concert, dance and sing your heart out. Everyone else is either too busy having a good time or worrying about how they look, too, so just focus on yourself and having a good time. 

When you’re in your teenage years, you care about what others think of you. When you’re 40-years-old, you won’t care about what anyone thinks of you. When you’re 60-years-old, you might finally realize that nobody was thinking or judging you in the first place. 

“Even though it can be hard to block out other people’s opinions about you, always try to be confident in who you are as an individual because people want to get to know the real you,” said Julianna Sandoval, a senior at Arcadia High School.


You are beautiful! When you’re crying, when you’re laughing, always. No one else is like you so you’re uniquely beautiful in your own way. Show yourself some love. Practice affirmations to remind yourself of all the things you have done. Life can get tough sometimes, and sometimes you may feel like giving up. But on those days, remember the times that you had overcome to get to where you are today. Know that no matter what, you can do what you set your mind to. Oftentimes we are more capable than we think. 

“Never be afraid of failing and try everything no matter what. If you never try you’ll never know if you’ll succeed,” sophomore Emily Tran added. 


Be a good person to everyone, and treat people equally. Be kind, thoughtful, and respectful. Never bully someone or go out of your way to hurt someone.

“Bullying someone is as easy as throwing a stone in the sea, but you never know how deep that stone goes,” said my elementary principal, Danae Popovich. 

Additionally, treat your elders extra special because they deserve it. Even if they have ways that you disagree with, they have been through so much, and elders that are around you care for you. Show them some love. 


Being by yourself doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It may just mean you’re putting yourself first. Or it may mean you’re working on yourself. It’s okay to be by yourself because you don’t have to worry about anyone else. Being by yourself allows you to think deeper and to have better creativity. Although it may seem like it, not everyone has to be the loudest in the room. Sometimes it’s the people who are the most reserved and to themselves that can do things better. 

“From my personal experience with running cross country, over quarantine, there were only six runners on the team, and we met up to practice once a week. The rest of the time, we all ran alone. Running by myself gave me a lot of time to think and it felt like I was making more improvements. I could focus on myself and I pushed myself harder when I was by myself because I wasn’t thinking about the people around me,” Kaitlyn Hsu, a junior, stated. 


Never be afraid to take on new adventures. There is so much out there in the world, and you should take advantage of that. For example, go see the world at night, watch the beauty of the city at sleep, and appreciate the beauty of the darkness. If you have time, watch and wait for the sunrise, too. 

Know that if you keep living life the way you are right now, things will not change for you in the future. It’s important to bring change to our lives, even if the experience may be uncomfortable at times. 

“If you were frozen in time as you are right now, never able to do anything new, would you be satisfied with the life you’ve led? With the people you’ve met, the experiences you’ve had? The chances are probably near-zero. So sign up for that club, try out for a team, or talk to someone new; you might just end up finding a new passion, or making a friend for life,” Ashley Lin, a senior, expressed. 


Remember to stay positive and look for the good things in life. Practice appreciation. Smile and laugh, and listen to/dance to your favorite music to give yourself a break. If not, get outside and get some sunlight! Even taking a walk around your street helps. Hug and high five yourself at your little accomplishments throughout the day. It can be hard to stay positive and look at each day as a new opportunity. Challenges can overwhelm us at times, but it is crucial to let yourself know that you are stronger than the challenge.

“Everyone is going to have off days, and know that while things can get stressful and chaotic, there are good things ahead if you just push through. Speaking from personal experience, college applications and essays are a stressful time, but I know that it’s simply a bump in the long road of life,” expressed senior Cadence Chen.

Last but not least, remember that you can. Life may be tough at times, but no matter what comes your way, you can overcome those hurdles.


Photo Courtesy of PXFUEL.COM