In Memory of Nancy Walker


Henrina Zhang, Staff Writer

Nancy Walker, working for Arcadia High School’s Nutrition Services for 22 years, was a beloved person by both her colleagues and loved ones. As a woman of compassion and wisdom, she worked hard to reach the goal to feed every single student. As a kindhearted person, Ms. Walker lent a helping hand to those around her— she was a team player who always got the job done.  

She enjoyed working with the Student Workers at AHS. Nancy made great connections with many of the special education students and knew their favorite menu items. She was able to communicate with them and cheer them up if they were having a bad day. She put care into the foods she prepared and served and really wanted the students to enjoy their meals,” said Kathleen Ashworth, a fellow colleague of Walker’s.

Ms. Walker was a loving mother of an adult son and daughter, with many grandchildren, and she will live on through her beloved family. Additionally, her son Ken mentioned that Walker’s mother had also worked as a cook for school, which probably inspired her into choosing her career. Her comforting presence and attitude with her family are also distinguishing qualities she demonstrated at work. She often made conversation with the other staff members of the Nutrition Services Department, eager to give advice as to how to make meal services better, along with her life experiences. 

When asked about what Ms. Walker will be missed most for, most answers ranged from her kindness to her fondness of having conversations.  

Courtney Grimes, another close companion of Walker, said “I will miss Nancy’s smile, her kindness, her faithfulness on the job to make sure the tasks that were given to her were completed so the students could have a wonderful dining experience.  Nancy was not afraid to work with the students that one might see as challenging.  She knew every child is different and all have their struggles.  She would serve them as best as she could and not treat them differently.”

Along with her family, Ms. Walker also cared for her little dog, taking comfort with it during quarantine. She also enjoyed crafting and attending craft shows. Ms. Walker walked with pride and benevolence. Ms.  Walker will be missed, but her memory will live on in those who she has touched with her heartwarming words and bright smile. 


Photo courtesy of AUSD