Thank You, Ms. Wang

Ashley Zhao and Leslie Chen

Teachers play a vital role in their students’ development, both inside and outside the classroom. A great teacher is one who provides guidance and assistance, serves as a support system, and most importantly, instills in each student a love for life-long learning. With COVID-19 relocating classes to distance learning, teachers had to all of a sudden modify their lesson plans to adapt to a new block schedule. Not only that, but many students struggled to maintain focus and build a solid connection with their teachers. But even with the unprecedented challenges of online school, Ms. Sharyn Wang provided every one of her students with an invaluable, enriching learning experience.

Among the many courses offered at Arcadia High School, AP Calculus AB is an intimidating one, jampacked with complicated theorems and brand new concepts. However, Ms. Wang’s clear and patient explanations ensure that no student is left behind feeling confused. When going over homework, mistakes are never condemned, rather patiently analyzed, as she takes the time to work with students individually to figure out what went wrong. She is always open to questions during class or after school during her daily office hours, where students can pop in to clear up misunderstandings or have a quick chat. No matter the inquiry, Ms. Wang answers with an educator’s professionalism and a genuine devotion to see her students succeed. 

Although the challenge of preparing for the AP exam in May was only amplified by the pandemic, Ms. Wang was never short on review materials for her students. Her “need statement” tests helped foster a solid grasp of the formulas and concepts essential to know for the AP test. A surplus of mock tests and timed free response questions were always available  to students looking for extra practice.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Ms. Wang’s class is not just finding derivatives or limits, but the life lessons she instills in her students. She pushes for her students to ask questions, have confidence in their abilities, and work for their goals. A good grade isn’t handed out like candy; it’s earned through students’ own efforts. Even if her exams aren’t especially easy, high grades are definitely achievable with hard work and determination. In her class, students strengthen their math skills and foster a strong work ethic.

No matter the challenge, Ms. Wang time and time again has shown that she is a teacher whose passion for math and education shines in every class she teaches.