Japanese Classic Car Show


Darin Buenaluz, Staff Writer

The 16th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show was held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on Oct. 30, 2021. Dozens of cars were put on display from a variety of brands including Honda, Toyota, and Datsun. 

A vast majority of the cars present were sports cars and other sedans that had either ceased production or had experienced large gaps of time between new models. Up until 2020, the Toyota Supra had not been sold on the American market since 1998. The Nissan Skyline didn’t reach the US until 2010, despite seeing large success in Japan for over 30 years. And many of Datsun’s vehicles such as the Bluebird and Z series coupes left the market decades ago. All of these vehicles, as well as countless others, now once again shone as if they were brand new, having been restored by their new American owners.

In addition, some cars on display had recently been directly imported from Japan– for some cars had previously been unavailable due to the 25 year rule put in place by US Customs and Border Protection on antique vehicles. One car that particularly stood out was an older model of the Toyota Century Royal, used exclusively by the Japanese elite, including the royal family. 

Not all the cars present were flashy coupes. Several models of the Honda N600 were being shown– the brand’s answer in the 1960s to the British Mini Cooper. The Acura SLX, which saw limited production due to poor sales, was also present. Even some Japanese kei trucks, rarely seen in the US but commonly used throughout Asia, were on display. 

Despite being a classic car show, car and car part brands also used the event to show off their newest products. Toyota revealed the newest Supra, and Nissan had a prototype for a futuristic vehicle that can be driven while lying down. Famous individuals were also present at the event, such as Sung Kang, or better known as Han from the Fast and the Furious movies. 

The venue itself was held in the parking lot of the Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Due to unexpected circumstances, the event was moved from Long Beach where it is usually located. However, the massive space meant that there was more than enough parking, for both attendees and car owners alike.

The Japanese Classic Car Show has been successfully held for 16 years, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the hundreds of staff members and the original group of car owners who started it all. This year’s lineup of vehicles was beyond impressive, and attendance is unlikely to decrease over the next few years.


Photographic courtesy of FLICKR.COM