An Interview with Ashley Wearp, Advanced Drama member

Anna Odell, Staff Writer

Known for its incredible performances, Arcadia Stage Theatre Company is composed of many talented students. One member in particular, Ashley Wearp, a junior at Arcadia Highschool playing the part of “Narrator Slank” in the Peter and The Starcatcher production, has lots to say about being in the group and everything it entails. 

A main reason the productions are highly praised is the countless hours spent in rehearsals after school.

“Normally we spend more than 20 hours a week in the Performing Arts Center, but during tech week it’s around 42 hours a week,” Wearp stated. 

These long hours are to ensure that the viewers get the best performance possible. Wearp understands how much work this is and continues to put in, along with her peers, the most effort possible to perfect each show.

She stated that theatre is “a lot of work and mentally hard sometimes to be able to keep up with friends and stay connected with people without losing contact.” 

Although she sacrifices some of her social life, she also said, “It is so worth it to see the hard work being pulled off.”

After putting in so much effort into each production, the relief and pride she feels for herself and her group are boundless. Even though theatre is time consuming and stressful at times, the end result makes everything worthwhile. 

“The shows that are put on are so stunning,” she said. 

Being a part of this association has taught Wearp many things from learning “how to stay on top of [her] homework” to “becoming a better actress.” 

She credits her growth as a performer to Mr. Steven Volpe, the man in charge of each and every student and production. 

“Volpe is constantly there for us no matter what,” Wearp stated. 

She recognizes and appreciates all of the work he puts into the group and the productions. His efforts help not only her but every person in any level of theatre.  

Wearp said her favorite part of theatre is being able to fully be herself and talk to some of her now closest friends and see the hard work she does pay off. Being able to have so much fun while also doing what she loves is amazing for her. 

Wearp believes that Advanced Theatre is an irreplaceable experience. To be able to enjoy all of the work and have a great time while also pulling off amazing performances is what she loves most. She knows that this is an experience that she will never forget and, at the end of the day, being a part of the amazing team is what helps her grow as an actress.