The Arcadia High School Orchesis Open Hip-Hop Class

Anna Odell, Staff Writer

Each year, the Arcadia High School (AHS) Orchesis dance team holds an open level hip-hop class in the CTE building for anyone who wants to go. The officers on the team create the choreography and teach it to all those who attend the class. This year, the class is being held on Oct. 22 and the dance will be choreographed to “Pure Water” by Migos. 

Anyone interested in dance is encouraged to go, as it’s said to always be a fun experience for the students who attend.

The flyers have been posted around the AHS campus and the $5 tickets are being sold by all members of Orchesis. The event is for any student who wants to do a fun dance class, even if they aren’t a part of beginning/intermediate dance. 

“They start off the class with warm up stretches to make sure we don’t pull anything during the class,” stated junior Claire Zhang when asked about the class. “Then they continue to start teaching the choreography in sections using counts or lyrics to help everyone remember.” 

The hour and fifteen minutes of this class is spent on the choreography. By the end of it, they’ll have a routine that is “a little less than a minute,” according to sophomore and Orchesis member Danielle Workman. 

The goal of the class isn’t to be stressful or put pressure on any of the dancers. 

“I think people put pressure on themselves to get the choreo right but it’s a pretty laid back class,” said junior Orchesis member Kaylee Kwan. “If someone falls behind, then the officers will go back and review it.” 

Nobody has to be perfect when it comes to the choreography, and the officers make sure that everyone knows that. They want everyone to have a good time– mistakes are normal, and they want people to know that.

“As for numbers, I think a lot of people used to go before COVID,” Kwan added.

This has always been a popular event. The students who attend leave the class with good things to say about it. It’s great to meet new people and get a feel for what dance at AHS is like. 

After attending the class her freshman year, Zhang also said that the environment was very welcoming. There was very little pressure, and it moved at the pace that everyone was comfortable going at. There is no stress to finish the choreography; the main goal is to have a good time.