Athlete Feature: Annika Chan


Serena Chin, Staff Writer

Tennis is a very demanding sport that requires both endurance and agility. Currently a freshman, Annika Chan plans to play tennis for all four years of high school and aspires to be a team captain in the future.

Chan started playing tennis when she was about eight years old after her brother started playing tennis. Since then she has played tennis for upwards of six years and has honed her skills to become the great tennis player she is today.

For many, balancing their school life and outside activities is difficult, but Chan has no problem and has always been both a great athlete and student. To her, athletics makes you a better student.

“It makes you want to work hard and do your best to achieve your goals,” Chan said.

Practicing for anything can be a pain, but people usually find ways around it. For Chan, her teammates make her practices fun.

“We can laugh and chat with each other while practicing,” Chan said.

Teams also play a big part in someone’s career since when you’re new to a setting, it can be hard to adjust. Teams can also help each other grow into better people than they were before. Coaches also play a big part in an athlete’s career since they can help a person to reach their full potential.

“A good team supports, encourages, and has a strong bond with each other and a coach helps improve and build up the skills of a sportsperson,” Chan said.

Of course, being an athlete comes with its struggles. There are many struggles that come with being an athlete, but Chan “still struggles to be confident and push away negative thoughts.” Despite this she always keeps a positive attitude towards playing since to her, “a positive or negative attitude can make a big difference.”

When competing, many can feel overwhelmed with nervousness, the fear of failing, and the pressure of several people watching as you play. However, for Chan, when she plays well, her mood improves.

“I feel more confident, optimistic, and motivated,” Chan said.

Some people that she looks up to are Roger Federer and Emma Raducanu, due to their impressive feats in the tennis world.

Although she has had no major injuries, a memorable moment for her was during the Arcadia High Tennis Summer Camp, where she accidentally hit two people when playing a game.

Chan plans to continue to play tennis for the rest of high school and her goal is to win CIF at least once during high school.