Athlete Feature: Lana Truong

Ashley Chan, Staff Writer

With the arrival of autumn, basketball teams have begun to head to the gym to fully prepare for their upcoming season in the winter. Due to COVID-19 shutting down facilities in the 2020-2021 school year, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) sports teams lost a year of playing time and exposure. Thus, the sports teams at AHS have been grinding during the off-seasons and pre-season. Senior Lana Truong, captain of the Girls Varsity Basketball team, details what it is like returning to the sport for her final year, and what her experience with basketball is.
Her background in basketball began when she was only in elementary school.
“I started playing on an organized basketball team when I was in the fifth grade,” remarked Truong. “At that time, I played a position known as the shooting guard. Playing a specific position was definitely a change but as time went on, I adapted and was able to accomplish many achievements while on the team. I’ve played the game of basketball for about seven years now.”
It is only natural that Truong has created and cherished plenty of fond memories over the course of her seven years of playing basketball.
When asked what her most notable memory regarding basketball was, she stated, “One of my favorite memories in basketball was my eighth grade year playing in a national tournament in Las Vegas. The team I played for took third place overall. Although we didn’t win first place, it was a great experience.”
It was inspiring to see how passionate Truong is towards basketball. She made it evident to the people around her that she absolutely adored the sport, and would work harder than anyone else to play on that court. But why does she love the sport so much?
Well, Truong said,“Basketball is a game of reactivity. When it comes to playing games, I like the adrenaline rush and excitement that I feel when I make a bucket.”
However, playing basketball does not come risk-free. During Truong’s sophomore year, she suffered from a torn ACL and meniscus. This injury put an end to her sophomore season, and the process of getting better was not an easy feat. In total, it took her a little over a year to fully recover from her injuries. Currently, Truong is back and better than ever, and is prepared to play her final season as an Arcadia Apache.
In general, team chemistry is incredibly important. Basketball is a sport that demands effective teamwork. However, when a brand new team is formed at the beginning of pre-season, it is critical that there is a leader to rely on. That is exactly why Truong was selected as team captain for the Girls Varsity Basketball team. Her dependability and confidence in others enables her to be the optimal leader for the Lady Apaches.
“This season is approaching fairly quickly and the team has a lot of goals that they want to achieve. Looking at the team right now, we are very capable of accomplishing every goal we have set forth for ourselves, but I think the key is to play as a team and for each other,” Truong claimed. “I have full faith in my team to push through any opponent this season.”
Good luck to the Girls Varsity Basketball team in their regular season!