Athlete Feature: Sofia Mediana


Jenny Qiu, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, and it has been no different for senior Sofia Mediana. Her interest in volleyball started as a fun activity she would play with her friends, but quickly turned into something bigger. She joined a league team and by her sophomore year, she was pulled up by the coach to be a part of the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team for CIFs. Sofia was a great addition to the team and full of potential. However, her volleyball journey faced an unexpected obstacle: the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I actually asked to be removed from the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team roster pretty early on because I was really worried about COVID,” explained Sofia as she reflected on her senior volleyball season. “It wasn’t a hard decision to make when I thought about my family’s safety. Our season ended up being cancelled, so I guess the result would’ve been the same if I had stayed. It’s a bit disappointing to end my time in high school volleyball like this, especially considering how much effort all the seniors and I put into growing and improving our skills. And of course, I was looking forward to Senior Night and making it to CIF.”

Despite the disappointment of not being able to compete during her senior year, Sofia knew that her family’s safety came first. Nevertheless, Coach Sen-ho Meng has still found ways to help Sofia remain an active athlete and involved with volleyball.

“I am currently a manager for the Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team,” said Sofia. “I’ve been helping since freshman year, so it’s nice to still experience my senior season—albeit from the sidelines. Coach Sen lets me join their practices, so I’m really lucky to still be able to play volleyball.”

Sofia first started playing volleyball in middle school. She quickly realized that she had a passion for volleyball and during her high school years; she played for both the school team as well as a league team outside of school.

She will “definitely continue playing volleyball in college—most likely in an intramural league,” said Sofia.

Although Sofia will be graduating this year, her love for volleyball continues to grow, and she is looking forward to new opportunities.

“As someone that doesn’t like to work out, volleyball is a fun way for me to stay in shape,” said Sofia. “I would also love to try coaching, since I’ve helped run practices for younger club teams in the past.”

While her high school volleyball journey may not have ended as she had expected, Sofia still appreciates volleyball and its impact on her throughout these four years.

“I’m still fairly satisfied when I think of all the friends and memories I’ve made from volleyball,” said Sofia. “It’s played a pretty significant part in my high school experience, and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.”


Photo courtesy of Sofia Mediana