Finals on the Horizon


Linda Qiu, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year grows nearer, students of Arcadia High School (AHS) anticipate the freedom and relief summer break will bring. But there’s one final hurdle that must be crossed: final exams.

This year, finals will take place June 1 – June 3. Similarly to previous years, periods will be staggered over three days, with students taking their finals for two periods each day–periods one and two on June 1, periods three and four on June 2, and periods five and six on June 3. Students will be given 122 minutes to take each exam with an 18 minute break and a seven minute passing period in between.

“The fact that I’ve taken so few exams over the past year has weakened my exam-taking muscle,” said senior Natalie Bishara. “Being online is nothing like being in person, and while I adore the shortened Covid-19 block schedule, the online setting has been a challenge. But I’ve learned so much about myself and my study habits this year that I can’t honestly say it’s been all bad.”

“I [believe] I’ll do better on the finals than I [think],” said senior Erik Huang. “Mostly because I have low expectations. But I don’t feel like my classes this year have adequately prepared me for finals because I found virtual learning to be ineffective.”

“I’m nervous to take my final exam for math, because I don’t have an A in the class,” said senior Sophia Huynh. “I’m dealing with the anxiety by sleeping a lot. Distance learning hasn’t prepared me for finals.”

It’s imperative that students take finals seriously. A strong transcript gives you advantages in many areas, from college applications to scholarship competitions. The best way to prepare for finals is, of course, to study.

“Study with friends,” advised Bishara. “Having an accountability buddy will make it so much easier to study ahead of time and to study well. Setting up a time to work together and review exam material, even if neither of you are talking, can be a huge morale and motivation booster.”

“Definitely don’t procrastinate studying until the day before the final test,” said junior Sylvie Thompson.

“Study hard so you can feel good and be confident that you know your stuff,” said senior Jason Ni. “And please sleep.”

Don’t be afraid to look to your teachers and peers for help. Work hard and take care of yourself, and you’ll ace this final hurdle with ease.


Photo courtesy of THEDAILYCOUGAR.COM