AHS Virtual Art Exhibition


Sean Yang, Staff Writer

Arcadia High School’s 2020-2021 Virtual Art Exhibition has opened, and all of the pieces look amazing. From Art Honors to Screen Printing, here is an overview of the work from all of the classes involved. Typically there would be an in-person exhibition, but due to restrictions from the pandemic, it must be held online this year.

It’s impressive to see the artistic work of these students, and then to realize that they did it all from their own homes!” said art teacher Ms. Ma. “Everything was created during this past virtual stay-at-home school year when our on-campus studios and resources were not available. It elevates the art to another level, and I’m just blown away by the dedication of both our visual art teachers and students.”

Design and Graphic Design Classes: Students in the Design and Graphic Design classes focused on many different styles of art such as one and two point perspectives. The art pieces are very unique and reflective of the artist. Typography is featured in both typography flourishing as well as typography in shapes. Finally, visual communication with shapes is featured as students represent different emotions with only four squares. 

Animation Class: Animation features an assortment of videos created by students. Students put in a lot of effort when creating these animations, as all of them are original and outstanding. The featured Lego animation created by Ethan Lecea certainly displays these qualities, as it shows the genuine creativity of the students. The animations are very fluid and worth checking out!

Art Honors: Each student has their own gallery that displays the various pieces they have created. Many of the pieces are based on either their interests or people that have influenced them. Solo pieces drawn by students are also shown and all of them exhibit loads of talent. 

Art 1: Art 1 features a lot of different types of drawings. Students displayed their skills by illustrating three-dimensional staircases and real-life objects in contour drawings. They also made collages using different objects. The single-frame cartoons that are also shown in the exhibition are all very innovative and entertaining.

Advanced Drawing and Painting: This class focused on the specific themes of parody, interior of an interior, perspective through the mouth, our own icon, foreshortening, and still life back-lighting. 

The parody project displays real-life actions occurring with characters from the Mickey Mouse series. The interior of an interior uses perspective to change the view of a typical closet. Meanwhile, perspective through the mouth gives the viewer an interesting perspective straight from the mouth. Our icon displays a self-portrait or a portrait of the artist’s interest. The foreshortening is very impressive as the artist truly emphasizes that there is some space between the images. Finally, back-lighting showcases how different shading can help certain objects shine with the right lighting.

Screen Printing: Students created a variety of items such as custom t-shirts and even their own face masks. They also made their own personalized canvas bags and stickers with logos and student initials. 

Digital Photography: The Digital Photography gallery contains a variety of stunning high-resolution digital photos. From the drive-through entrance of Boba Ave Express to some freshly sharpened colored pencils to a grayscale half-rabbit half-rubber chicken, these photos are all spectacular and dynamic.

Art and Music: Students created their own art presentations to showcase their talents. These video presentations range from game concepts to painting an entire galaxy. Each presentation has something for a viewer to learn. The three musical performances are great watches as all three contrast each other in terms of the type of instrument.

AP Art History: There are many different works for the audience to view here. First is two virtual art galleries with famous pieces of artwork like Vincent Van Goh’s Starry Night and Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue. Then are some ink paintings and cave paintings with very exceptional detail down to the crumpling of the paper. Other than that, they feature some fun guessing games as well as another interactive activity that students have worked on. Finally, two AP Art History students give their insights on the class, which is some valuable information to check out especially if you are considering taking the course.

Classic Film: Students created five-shot sequences capturing moments of themselves as well as inanimate objects like bobblehead figurines and stuffed animals. When doing this, they said that they focused on having a variety of angles as well as both high and low key lighting. 

If any of these topics interest you, feel free to check out the virtual art exhibition for yourself! 


Photo courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM