AHS’ JV Baseball Season


Siddharth Karthikeya, Staff Writer

This season the boys in red have been bringing their best to the field. Despite facing lots of adversity, AHS’ JV Baseball team posted an overall record of six wins and five losses almost halfway through its season. Keeping above that 50% win percentage by a single game, the boys have proven that they are in it to win.

Of the six wins in their last 11 games, freshman pitcher Roman Cicero was responsible for three. Consistently throwing his heart out for his team, Cicero kept the opponents’ bats under control, allowing the Apaches to score runs without much competition. His extraordinary performances, which are all the more impressive considering he’s a freshman, have shut out opposing teams and allowed for large margined victories. 

Of these six wins, one of the most notable was against John Burroughs High School on Apr. 3. 

Coming into the Burroughs game, our boys weren’t doing too hot. After a win in their first game, they went on to lose the next three. A major reason for the losses was the lack of offense in the team’s lineup. Key hitters did not seem to be performing at their full potential and the team was in a collective slump. That’s why winning the game against the Burroughs was imperative, not only to boost their spirits, but also to get the boys back into rhythm. And sure enough, it did.

On Apr. 3, our boys completely demolished the Burroughs’ pitching, scoring 17 runs by the fourth inning and ending the game early by rule of mercy. The best part? For these 17 runs, everyone played a role. The whole lineup, top to bottom, got hits and scored runners, resulting in improved individual batting averages and heightened team morale. 

After this hot performance against the Burroughs, the boys carried forward their momentum as they went to face San Dimas High School and Charter Oak High School, getting loads of hits and scoring runners in clutch situations when they were presented. 

Because of that monumental win against the Burroughs, hitters were back on fire, and a few were playing better than ever. 

Notable hitting performances from sophomore Nicholas Choy and freshman Jerry Carlos complemented stellar pitching from JV pitchers. With batting averages of over .500 in the last four games, both Carlos and Choy have been on an absolute tear at the plate, striking fear in the opposing team with their violent and consistent swings. With key points in the offense now delivering consistently, our boys are ready to go on a winning tear.

With things going so well, it’s only reasonable to wonder why a team so talented can have five losses with only 11 games played so far in the season. And for one to answer this question, there’s a lot to take into mind. 

First of all, due to scheduling concerns, AHS’ Baseball program was forced to eliminate the Frosh Soph team and add new freshmen directly onto the JV Baseball team. This resulted in a mammoth roster with 30 kids vying for nine positions on the field. 

There were also several injuries on the team. Outfielder sophomore Kaanan Sahni, a key member of the team, injured his elbow during practice, resulting in him not being able to perform at full capacity.

“It’s been hard going back into full swing after such a long break,” said Kaanan when asked about his injury.

Finally, with COVID-19 spikes causing practices to be canceled, the team was not as conditioned and not ready to begin the season when pitted against schools in counties with lighter restrictions. 

So, the odds were definitely against the team. Yet, through all this adversity, the boys continue to persevere, work hard, and make Arcadia proud on that baseball field. Go Arcadia!


Photo courtesy of LATIMES.COM